What football stars has missed so far ??

3 Jul 2022

Although football game was made to entertain people. Players has  acheived glory and prestigious awards for their perfromances. Although ,having so good performances in many leagues or competition ,they have missed some important trophy or awards. But these players are always favoured by audiences for being to good to watch them play. 

  1. Harry Kane and Salah : Having so many records in scoring from tottenham and national team ,he has already been golden boot winner in premire league and European cup. And still heroic perfromance players has missed trophy. 
  2. Robert Lewondowski : Robert Lewondowski has almost win many prestigious awards, league games and 1 champions league from Bayern Munich. This man having so much potential to win ballon d'Or in 2020 which just got cancelled due to Covid pandemic. This another lightening bolt striker has missed ballon d'or.
  3. Lionel Messi : In 2014 world cup final, his perfromance was too good and his one shot just got missed by few inches and besides this Argentina didn't get penalty on players get fouled by opponent's goalkeeper. This amazing performer just missed world cup title that year.
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo : Having so much goals from Man united ,the team failed to manage spots in Champions league. And Ronaldo is Mr champions leagues and it feel different and really sad when we don't see him in champions leagues and  he is now missing Champions league at end of his career.
  5. Mohammad Salah : This man at least deserves one AFCON or other major international trophy for his country. 

I might have missed many things , If possible I will try to publish other things in another blogs in future , till now this much is in my mind only. Hope you liked this.

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