Fate? I think so

29 Nov 2022

I was aware that we were destined to be the moment we met.
I knew you were the one for me and that our destiny was sealed.

Even before I knew you,
All I knew was your name.
Uncertain about what to do,
I was unsure of who was to blame.

I was aware of my attraction to you.
I could tell you were a decent person.
I was unable to stop thinking since the butterflies were so active.

Nothing I did that day revealed who I am to you.
Every time you approached me, my heart started to race.

My behavior wasn't organic.
My responses weren't genuine.
I felt absolutely dreadful, yet I was unable to control my heart.

My eyes were focused on you when the group waved me off.
I was aware that I was checking to see if you shared my sentiments.

When I first saw your face, I liked you, but perhaps it was the touch.
My heart was beating quickly.
I already thought you were too good.

I was aware that we were destined to be the moment we met.
We were already doomed, I realized.
as rivals, lovers, or pals.

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Might not be fate, check again
Fate does happen in ones life. and when it happens, it looks real. Most of the time leads to an opportunity or breakthrough
If you think it was fate, then here's what it means; Fate is a concept that suggests that events are predetermined and inevitable, and that the course of one's life is determined by some external, often divine, force. In other words, fate implies that everything that happens in one's life is predetermined and cannot be changed by individual actions or decisions. The idea of fate has been discussed in various philosophical, religious, and mythological traditions throughout history, and it is often associated with the concept of destiny. Some people believe in the concept of fate, while others believe that individuals have free will and can shape their own lives.