You've earned your tomorrow, right?

20 Mar 2023

Is anyone pleased now that you avoided him?
Does anyone recall the conversation you had with him today?

Is there someone who can say something good to you right now? This day is almost finished, and its laborious period is over.

Did you greet the friend who came along with a smile?
Perhaps a snide "Howdy" before blending in with the crowd?

Were you moving quickly because you were purely selfish, or is someone incredibly appreciative of what you did today?

Can you say tonight, when the day quickly draws to a close, that you assisted just one of the many brothers you passed?

Is a single heart celebrating what you did or said? Does a guy, whose dreams had been waning, now bravely turn to the future?

Did you lose or squander the day, and how successfully or poorly did you spend it?
Have you left a trail of good deeds or a mark of unhappiness?

Do you believe that God would say to you as you close your eyes to sleep, "You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you accomplished today"?

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