My favorite footballer

23 Jul 2022

Football is game famous worldwide . There are many Superstar in football  who owns their own skill or known by theirs amazing talent ,hardwork ,honesty , behavior  and may others. People get impressed by many footballer lifestyle and their way of handling things on and off the feild. 

Now , time for my favorite footballer and main reasons why I choose them.

1)  Ronaldniho :  He was completely magician in the pitch. This man is complete package for mysterious skills in dribbling and scoring.

2) Messi : Well, you all know and most people like for his abilities of playmaking , dribbling , scoring and many others probably most of players can't handle all these in same season.

3) Neymar : A complete skiller and talented players.

4) Ronaldo , Mbappe ,Kane , Lewondowski ,Haaland ,Nunez  : For abilities to score goals and hardworer and most of them are athletic in nature 

5) De bruyne : Amazing abilities to handle game as playmakers.

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I always take Messi as my idol . No hate for others.
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