15 Jan 2023

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In your twenties, life is yours to shape,

A canvas blank and ready for the scrape

Of dreams and passions, all yet to unfold,

A future bright, with stories yet untold.

You may stumble, you may fall,

But do not let it be your downfall,

For every setback, is a chance to learn,

To grow and to become your own true turn.

So take a deep breath, and step out bold,

For in your twenties, you are young, and old.

You have the strength, and will to fly,

So spread your wings, and reach for the sky.

Embrace the journey, with all its twists and turns,

For it is in the living, that our souls truly yearn.

So live and love, with all you might,

For in your twenties, you are truly alive.

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