Why Wanda wants secret from outside world ??

17 Jun 2022

After Wanda created the hex in Westview, she just wanted to live happily and normal life with Vision. Although the people inside hex didn't know about this incident but sword headquarters found this and started to reserch.
They were almost good with thier newlife. The head of sword headquarters tried every types to reach out wanda. He sent some drones and chopper inside. These things when goes inside hex, their reality changes and seen like a toy. Once Monica Rambo , a character in MCU also tried and entered inside hex but she also has complete new identity and she didn't have same powers inside hex as she used to have outside the hex. Visoin also didn't knew about this reality about this much.
Sword headquarters and some powerful persons were watching Wanda's hex which makes her unsafe in this reality.Since in outside world , Visoin was already dead , so she wanted to stay with Vision inside hex forever.

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