Employers and Employees Relations

29 Jul 2022

The old order is now changing to be placed by new. The role of trade unionism is rapidly changing from that of confrontation with employers to that of mutual joint partnership in building strong economy for a sovereign independent Republic of Nigeria.
The modern trade unionism is no longer waging war against neo-colonialist, but instead it is now fighting it out with the economic saboteurs and enemies of the nation. After political independence the fight is for economic independence. Economic independence cannot be achieved if the old role of suspicious and mistrust continues between employers and employees. The public always admire the steadfastness which enable members of the armed forces to move with precision on all actions, during operations to subdue difficult situations. Elements that would tarnish the good image of the forces should be avoided, the health of workers will improve and the provision of essential amenities will improve the living standards of the people and more comfort will prevail from the provision of these services

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