Moves Triggered by Blackrock's Imminent Bitcoin ETF

13 Nov 2023

What is Blackrock? Well, let me paste here who they say they are.

Hello all Bitcoiners, as you know Blackrock targeted the Bitcoin market and people are very bullish on that move. However, that doesn't mean that Blackrock's product is going to be traded on your usual cryptocurrency exchange, that means they have the job of acquiring and holding Bitcoin on their balance sheet so they can issue some Bitcoin backed "shares".

Does this mean that Blackrock will run its own Bitcoin network node to store its funds?

Well... not exactly as it sounds. And the short answer is NO. But let me explain, they will pull some strings, buy some companies and sit on their bags selling synthetic assets.
In mid-October, Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC) has agreed to acquire Securrency, a start-up for approximately $50 million. That acquisition will become part of DTCC's infrastructure expanding its digital ledger technology (DLT) offering. Securrency's platform uses private blockchain technology to create a distributed record of assets ownership. Allowing for real-time settlement of trades, as well as supposedly greater transparency and auditability.
DTCC plans to use Securrency's technology to develop new post-trade solutions for digital assets. DTCC handles an astounding $2.3 quadrillion—that's $1 billion times $2.3 million—worth of stock sales annually, which makes it the largest financial clearinghouse in the world. And, who are partnered with DTCC? well, you can check it out on this link but resuming... the answer is the SWIFT system & Blackrock. And 1+1 is 2, they will help Blackrock to manage things behind the scenes. The following images will show you the DTCC partners.


If you would like to dig more on this, let me know in the comments and I will create a post about it digging more deep, or explaining how the iBTC shares of Blackrock's work. Thanks for reading me and enjoy the crypto space.



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great article, thank you to post!
@CryptoSpace Personally, I'm cautiously optimistic. On one hand, it's a leap forward for some people advocating for institutional adoption. On the other hand, I wonder how introducing an ETF will affect the volatility and inherent principles of decentralization at the core of cryptocurrencies. Will this be a catalyst for stability, or will it open the door to new forms of speculation? Either way, it's a development I'll be watching closely. - Thanks for sharing. 💡💡💡
fine article, there are different opinions about this company
Very interesting and enjoyable article! Thank you
With BlackRock in the game, it should be a mere formality. Gary Gensler only shows strength when dealing with the weak...