9 Feb 2023

A poem inspired by the song “talking to the moon” by Bruno Mars

All I had is gone.

I know you’re somewhere.

Somewhere far away

but I plan to trace My steps

and forget this mistake.

The one I have come now.

I hear the voice that calls me,

waiting for My fall.

Planning simply My tears

but may I hear a voice,

of one that will truly love me?

I fell for a farce,

only to discover the truth.

That a lie was the love.

Deceiving My poor little heart,

that only wanted to be mended.

I wish I could make a smile.

Just like the others

but each time I try,

There is something that pulls me off,

why does it feel this way?

At first I thought this could be love,

but now I’ve come to see it’s a play

because when the sun goes down

I hold to My bed, My lover

wishing I had never met you.

I dream of talking to the moon.

Let her give ear to My grieve.

To hear My cries of the midnight,

I had hoped for a witness

but I know I’ll remain a fool falling for you.

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