Disney's Fall In The Stock Market: An Effect Of Gender Ideology?

12 Sept 2023

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Disney is one of the most successful and recognized companies in the world of entertainment. Its films, series, theme parks and merchandise products have captivated generations of children and adults. However, in recent years, the company has suffered a drop in its share price, which has coincided with a change in the ideology of its productions.

For some time now, Disney has been committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in its stories, incorporating characters and plots that reflect different gender identities, sexual orientations, races and cultures. Some examples are the movie Frozen, which breaks the stereotypes of traditional princesses; the series Andi Mack, which shows a gay teenager; or the recent adaptation of Mulan, which respects Chinese culture.

These initiatives have been applauded by some sectors of society, who see Disney as a positive reference for education and respect for diversity. However, they have also generated rejection and boycotts from other groups, who consider that Disney is imposing a gender ideology that goes against their moral and religious values.

Thus, some Disney films have been censored or banned in some countries for showing homosexual scenes or characters, as happened with Beauty and the Beast in Malaysia or Onward in several Arab countries. Campaigns have also emerged on social networks to boycott Disney productions for supporting controversial social or political causes, such as the Black Lives Matter movement or the protests in Hong Kong.

These negative reactions could have affected the financial performance of Disney, which has seen its income reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic and competition from other streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Is it possible that Disney has lost part of its loyal audience due to its change in ideology? Or is this a temporary situation that will be reversed when normality returns? The truth is that Disney continues to be a leading company in the entertainment sector, with a great capacity to innovate and adapt to new times. His films continue to be a cultural and artistic reference, transmitting positive values such as friendship, love, courage and freedom.

However, perhaps Disney should be more careful when introducing sensitive or controversial topics into its stories, and seek a balance between respect for diversity and respect for the beliefs and opinions of all its viewers. After all, as the saying goes: ideology involved in business is not good business.

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