First post - Linking with linked In

23 Mar 2022

First time in the platform, is there an opportunity to share posts or to connect to posts that are on linked in or other sources. Will people want to share a post from an existing medium that is currently being used.
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MBA ChitChat
I reccommend to add in a button to copy the hyperlink of the post to share on Social media.
Barring any copyright/technicality issues, would be a useful feature to have - linking writers and ideas across multiple platforms!
Hi Craig! 1) You will be able to share posts in our next update, i.e. unique link to post on other social media which will redirect to the original post. For now, you can embed links into your BULB blog posts. 2) You can't "share" posts from other social media platforms on BULB, but if you already have written something on other platforms, you can easily copy and paste to "re-post" on our platform. Hope this helps!
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