Language patterns

22 Oct 2022

Variable Bol
Why did you feel compelled to help my mother? I felt compelled to remove my clothing off my neck, my mother claimed. If Sakaun had been stronger, you would have fled from him. The Mang Saipakpani
When it was over, I told Naththu to go to the wedding house and take the bridegroom's clothes.
let's go Thanda Huin, take it." "You accept it, right? Ghena Tumi Ghena Ghena. You're a huge girl, right, lady? Be quiet.
What has just been spilt onto the fire? You're good if you just shut up. What transpired to the two of you? ''\sWhy? The second noka is mine to pay. haith
You are unemployed. Sati runs like this when you hear the tea song.
The mother comments, "I had kept it in front of me." The person who approached the speaker was mang pancha eit.
Grab a page. Pavneen comments, "We also like Sakari. I don't believe so; it feels like I have a cow's chaha. Where is the wisdom here? Did you use the restroom? Get up This toilet
The fact that Mini Tavern will talk to anyone is a curse. Why are you making that payment now? The mother uses the chicken's left breast from the mawda and places it in the pavneen's cup at the same time. Pavnin
makes eyes. Yeja gawale jacha agudar akhin yekadav, said the mother. "Yes, I am no Een Een," responds Pavnin. In that marriage house, my wife has nowhere to stand. Even after waking up the sleepy people, the ruckus persists. Additionally, NASA's corruption is so severe that human eyes cannot see it. Such a lot
What should you do if not? When it came to Bhi, Mhansi, or that chitchat, Mahya Te Doks had no fear. Pan
I wish to strengthen an additional 67 areas. No matter how round your tongue is or how full of nip your thoughts is, don't flee. What else must you bring with you when you ascend, if anything?

Marathwadi boli, 2.
I remember studying one afternoon. Shankar was dozing off. When the bell is halfway over, Shankar is by himself.
awakened and sobbed. Gappaman Shankar was removed from the cradle by me. I did at least stop crying. Then, Shankar, who usually drank milk in silence every day, sobbed as he drank it in the bowl as the ghee was spread over it. Yes, Shankar, stop sobbing, and drink milk. I then applied ghee to my thigh and lightly patted the halvi. Please don't speak. then proceed
Even after sleeping, keep quiet. Then I removed it from the cradle. Ghi Voon gave him a shoulder pat. Continue crying if you still want to. Why don't you remain silent? I was terrified. Why did it occur to me? Why not quit sobbing? what, why
Do I say "bite"? I instantly removed Shankar's shirt so I could examine it. Put your legs and arms in front of your stomach.
Look all over the back. What, though, did you see? Then why are you crying, my... now that I've thought about it, I'm at a loss for words.
Someone then knocked on the door. Ramtatya's daughter-in-law and granddaughter were named Baghi Tale. I want to speak a little Marathi to her now. When Shankar saw her, he started to cry. "Why?" Alla Alla asked.
What took place?" "Look what happened," I exclaimed. I cried by myself. The milk should now be stored away from buses. Hey, why did you claim that it occurred? Asan enlisted Shankar. Shankar needs to stop talking to her and playing with her. She was then booted from the game. accompanied him home. I was terrified. I wondered why you were saying that now. What did Shankar think of what had happened? Then, Ni Luva Shankar was demonstrated by playing the bull's ghagarmala in her residence. Shankar then turned to face the voice.
He eventually stopped crying, despite still occasionally crying a bit. After that, apply a little ghee here and there to see results. After some time, Shankar fell asleep on her shoulder. The nun was then brought home and put to sleep.
I felt great. Life started to exist.

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