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24 Jun 2022

One of the notable happenings in 2022 is an ever increasing interest in the virtual world of the Metaverse. There is undeniably a big hype surrounding it and significant investments are getting thrown into it. However, as a user, what can you actually do in the Metaverse? In this article, we will explore 8 things to do in the Metaverse — beyond just hanging out in this new world.

1. Play, trade and earn from virtual reality games

VR gaming is one of the main use cases of the Metaverse and one of the first things you think about when seeing a headset. The Sandbox, for instance, is a collection of games slowly developed into a leading Metaverse platform. Users don’t just play games for fun, but also engage in ‘earn-to-play’ activities.
You can also create and trade in-game assets for sale in a digital marketplace. These assets range from simple wearables and avatar skins to more complex weapons or just random drops. The platform allows anyone to create and sell assets, even without any specialised design expertise, and participate in the Metaverse economy.

2. Invest in Real-Estate or NFTs

Metaverse real estate is one area that has sparked interest in companies and individuals. Some individuals saw this as an opportunity to finally “own” land (even if virtually). Companies saw this as an opportunity to get in early before prices go through the roof either for trading purposes or in order to be present where more and more people are spending their time. The hope is for companies to be able to tailor products and services that are fit for the meta-economy.

Metaverse platforms are divided into land blocks which can be purchased using the environment’s cryptocurrency token (Shiba Inu token for Shibverse, ApeCoin for The Otherside, etc.). Once you purchase a land, you can sell it at a higher value, or lease it to a virtual property developer or a VR event organiser for monetisation (yes, this is a thing!)
The only catch… the supply of Metaverse lands across different platforms will technically be unlimited, which makes valuing real-estate different than the real-world. These investments are very risky and some of the conventional wisdom of supply / demand might not be applicable to Metaverse lands.

One thing is for sure, it’s all going to be about location, location, location…If you get yourself a plot next to Snoop Dogg, it might not only be the value of the plot of land that will get high!
You can also consider NFTs — Just like there are concerts and workplaces in the Metaverse, users will be able to view digital art and purchase them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Check out my previous article on NFTs:

3. Attend events, concerts or even trade shows

Lease your Metaverse real estate to host concerts, social gatherings and corporate events. A Metaverse event has the potential to reach a much larger audience while ensuring that the interactions are organic and personal. You can also participate in global events from the comfort of your home, for cheaper and less logistical hurdles and costs.
I hope the next World Economic Forum (WEF) can be held in the Metaverse instead of Davos, eliminating the need of having private jets fly in from all over the world.

4. Shop (virtually)

From a consumer’s perspective, users will be able to interact with products in a much more immersive and efficient way in the Metaverse compared to online shopping. 
You can complete all your shopping with your avatar in the virtual shop. Your avatar can be the one trying on new pieces of clothing and you can purchase them to have them in the Metaverse (instantly) or the real world (prime delivery). Or you can even choose topurchase them for both yourself and your avatar! So what’s the edge over e-commerce?
Just imagine being able to take an accurate scan of your body with your controller (for any kilograms gained / lost) and get your exact measurements that will help you buy items for yourself . As a user you’ll benefit from:
1) Saving yourself a dreadful trip to the mall
2) Getting perfect sizes for your current body shape 
3) Saving yourself a lot of shame when asking to get bigger sized pants / t-shirts (been there / done that)

Also, some items will be exclusive to Metaverse shoppers as more brands will look at expanding their “meta footprint”rather than expanding their mall presence. They’ll be investing in a lot more automated support rather than actual staff. And the best thing? Get the shop experience without the need to line up at a cashier! :)

Payments are directly made with cryptocurrency. There will be no logical reason why Visa/MasterCard/Amex cards aren’t accepted in the Metaverse but I expect some competition in the offers / discount space to drive further crypto adoption for purchases. At the end of the day, all retailers will have to accept crypto as a valid mode of payment in the Metaverse.
5. Be a Creator — Games, VR experiences, Arts or even Metaverse designer
As previously discussed, platforms are providing the ability to create games in VR. For example, Horizon Worlds has pre-built layouts, sounds, physics properties, shapes that help users get started in designing and building their own VR worlds which they can use for personal leisure or for gaming. The Otherside is inviting developers to get their hands on their software development tools (SDK) to help build their Metaverse, avatars, etc.
The need to develop games in a VR friendly manner will keep on increasing which takes design to a whole new level — immersive design and how we interact with the space via headset will be key to achieve a truly immersive experience.

6. Meet and collaborate with remote colleagues (the future of work)

We have almost all been working remotely for about 2 years now. And while most of us are gradually going back to the office, it’s definitely not on a full time basis yet, and some are going more willingly than others. With the hybrid-working model being here to stay, the Metaverse will revolutionize remote work by bringing another layer of personalisation, and in-person human reaction into this space. Many companies are looking at leasing some office space to allow their staff to meet, collaborate and co-create in a virtual world.
In the Metaverse, employees can leverage unique collaboration tools (e.g. infinite whiteboard canvas, persistent spaces, and VR keyboards) to work with their colleagues. Collaborative 3D designs will take over the space and unleash designers’ creativity by moving them from desktop design into a virtual craft that is much needed across all industries.
Despite remote or hybrid work being the most attractive type of work for employees in this decade, we’ve all had instances where scheduled calls never end and we wished we were problem solving on whiteboard face-to-ace. While certain digital boards are great, nothing beats face-to-face interaction with colleagues, where body language merges with constructive arguments and scribbling on a board, ending up with a reasonable solution. Meta is looking to tackle that gap to enable a more effective, efficient and immersive remote work experience for all of us.

7. Get out there, showcase your avatar, make new friends
In the Metaverse, you can re-define your own identity (i.e.: you can be anyone you like to be). . You can choose to be any size, shape, or colour, and you can choose your unique dressing style. You can also socialize with anyone across the globe trying to find “your people”. . 
Most of the character NFTs that have been purchased thus far will be used as 3D avatar rendering of their unique users. The NFT will provide its user access to exclusive events, not to mention the statement it makes about the avatar owner himself.
The Metaverse makes it easier to meet people without having to travel large distances or even leave home. This will be extremely useful for those living in remote locations, away from families, have limited options for social activities, as well as users with any special needs. Making friends sharing similar interests doesn’t come easy for many people… Being within an NFT community or being in a virtual event with people of same interest will help many!
While this would have been a no-brainer during COVID, most people now just want to get out and enjoy a breath of fresh air to recover from all the lockdowns we had to endure…

8. Get a job in the Metaverse

As the Metaverse evolves, its economy will definitely fuel unique job opportunities that are not available anywhere else. For example, one could be a Metaverse tour guide and help new users explore all the rich VR experiences available on the platform.
Events like Metaverse weddings could also create jobs such as VR wedding planners, decorators, and so on. Users can also rent real estate to host events or even offsites in VR.

With more and more things being imagined and built in the metaverse, what is the one thing you’re waiting for to take leap in?

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