Dreamwalking and Incursion meaning in Marvel.

28 Jun 2022

After doctor strange Multiverse of Madness many new topic are introduced in Marvel cinematic universe. The words like dreamwalking , Incursion and others. Let's talk on this.

Dreamwalking is powerful methods to purse the body of your counterpart in another universe or yourself in another Multiverse through spell mentioned or written in Darkhold book. Darkhold books is too powerful books that gives all possible powers that could eventually destroy the universe.
In Doctor strange 2 ,Wanda does dreamwalking in Illuminati universe to take down Illuminati so that she could take Chavez  powers. Doctor strange also did dreamwalking to dead body of defender strange who is buried on main universe to protect Chavez from Wanda's attempt to take her powers.

Incursion is another event in which two or more universe came closer and eventually either two of them get destroyed or only of them get destroyed due to collision. In Doctor strange 2 ,The universe of Sinister strange was about to collapse. Remember this event occurs only if someone tried dreamwalking with known of Darkhold. This Incursion leads to the story of Secret wars in Marvel.

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Just watched the new movie and I agree that dream walking is a very powerful tool
Great story i like it
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