How I got my first ambassadorial job pt.3

3 Jul 2022

Have you checked out part 1 and part 2? You could check them out.

After getting the congratulations message from Zenlink, I got the Guardian role on Telegram and my job began immediately. My job was basically to stay active in the community and help new and old members.

Along the line, we came up with a community campaign, which was handled by me and my fellow Guardian. Then we proceeded to host AMAs with different communities.

I worked with Zenlink for about 6 months before they did the mainnet launch and token launch, I got compensated anyways for the  period I was with them. 

So, that is my story, I really learnt a lot from the experience I had with Zenlink, it helped boost my portfolio and gave Me a headstart in my ambassadorial carrier.

Till date, Zenlink is one of my favourite projects, and I definitely recommend their DEX for moonbeam and polkadot users.

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