Sale Of Virtual Numbers On Telegram Through Ton

9 Feb 2024

Team launched sale of Virtual numbers

On Dec. 7 2023 Telegram Messenger Team launched sale of Virtual numbers with +888 as their code, existing as a collectible in the The Open Network Blockchain. The +888 virtual numbers were listed as collectibles for sale on the Toncoin ($TON) blockchain, which is owned by the Telegram Messenger team. The Blockchain-based numbers will be made available on Fragment and are redeemable in Toncoin (TON), a cryptocurrency used in the Decentralized Open Network Blockchain, which was initially developed by popular messenger Telegram. The most available anonymized numbers are currently sold on the Fragment platform at the price of 4 tons of the cryptocurrency (typically valued at 9 tons), or around 450 rubles. Users have to buy the anonymous numbers with the help of Blockchain-powered by Fragment, the decentralized auction site launched by Telegrams creator Pavel Durov, in order to take advantage of LeT. Just like in the auction, anonymous numbers can be purchased from Fragment, a website specifically created for Telegram-related auctions. On Fragment, users can either purchase an random number at a cost of 9 tons/USD, or $16, or buy and sell it on auction. With a recent app update, they can sign in using a number that is blockchain-based instead, which is purchased using cryptocurrencies on Fragments platform. A Telegram account can now be registered without a SIM card, using anonymized blockchain-based numbers. The new anonymized numbers will enable Telegram registration without a SIM card, or linking the new number with a current Telegram account. Telegram has unveiled a big update allowing users to register new accounts without linking them to the particular phone number that a new account is registered with. Popular messenger Telegram now allows users to open accounts without providing a cellphone number. The messaging app Telegram now allows users to anonymously create accounts through a blockchain instead of their cell phone numbers. Telegram has launched a new way for people to register without using their normal phone numbers and SIM cards. Users could sign into Telegram using their encrypted phone number, and now Telegram is giving app users a way to do so even more anonymously, as long as they are willing to open their cryptocurrency wallet.

Pavel Durov himself, founder and chief Pavel Durov of popular messenger, has introduced a Telegram feature. In a blog post, Telegram said that Telegram is making the application accessible using anonymous numbers backed by the Blockchain, which are now being sold on a cryptocurrency auction platform, the Fragment, owned by the company. After auctioning unique usernames in tonned blockchain, Telegram is now putting anonymized numbers on offer to bid.
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