Review of Bitget x Navi Protocol Airdrop Campaign

9 Feb 2024

As an avid participant in cryptocurrency promotions and sweepstakes, I recently came across the Bitget x Navi Protocol Airdrop campaign, and I must say, it caught my attention with the promise of earning a special $5,000 worth of $NAVX. Here's my brief review of this intriguing airdrop.

Bitget x Navi Protocol Airdrop Review
Campaign Period: 8:00, 9th Jan — 8:00, 14th Feb (UTC)
Reward: Special $5,000 worth of $NAVX

Airdrop Entry Steps:

  1. Sign up on Bitget using referral code XNZ0M44E.
  2. Exclusive chance to win $5,000 worth of $NAVX during the campaign period.

Additional Earning Opportunities:

  • Participate in a separate referral contest to earn $BGB tokens.
  • Engage with Bitget Mini App features:
  • Launch directly on Telegram with a single click.
  • Daily one-click check-in to accumulate points.


  • Transparent entry process with a referral code.
  • Unique opportunities for both sweepstake and Bitget Mini App engagement.
  • Trusted platform in the cryptocurrency space.

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