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5 Sept 2023

If you’ve joined the world of cryptocurrency, the pursuit of financial freedom and innovation can be exhilarating. However alongside the promise of prosperity, lies the lurking threat of security breaches and scams. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest ebook, “Crypto 101” your all-inclusive guide to ensure your safety while you’re on your cryptocurrency journey. 

But that’s not all! In the spirit of community and education, we’re launching an exciting giveaway where you can win one of three free copies of the ebook, available in either Kindle or NFT format.

Understanding Cryptocurrency: The Foundation of Knowledge
The first chapter of “Crypto101” is dedicated to demystifying cryptocurrency. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll appreciate this deep dive into the fundamentals. We’ll cover what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and explore its intriguing history. With this foundation, you’ll be able to approach the crypto space with confidence.

The Art of Dodging Risks and Scams
Cryptocurrency is a dynamic arena, and like any financial ecosystem, it has its share of risks and scams. In Chapter 2, we unravel these threats, empowering you to spot them from a mile away. Learn to identify phishing attempts, steer clear of Ponzi schemes, and fortify your defenses against impersonation scams. Knowledge is your shield in this digital battlefield.

Secure Practices for Cryptocurrency: Your Keys to Safety
Security is the backbone of cryptocurrency ownership. Chapter 3 is a primer on secure practices that’ll safeguard your investments. From crafting robust and unique passwords to implementing the power of two-factor authentication (2FA) and the implementation of hardware wallets, you’ll gain actionable insights to fortify your crypto stronghold.

Online Security: Your Digital Fortress
The internet can be treacherous, but Chapter 4 is your blueprint for enhanced online security. Discover how to navigate the digital realm safely with regular software updates, secure browsing habits, and the guardian-like presence of a virtual private network (VPN). We’ll also share valuable tips on securing your email accounts and managing your social media presence.

Navigating the Legal Labyrinth
Cryptocurrency regulations are as diverse as the coins themselves. Chapter 5 is your passport to understanding the regulatory and legal landscape in your corner of the world. Learn about the tax implications of your crypto endeavors, the significance of anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) requirements, and the intricacies of international transactions.

Real-Life Lessons: Case Studies and Examples
In Chapter 7, we journey through real-life case studies and examples from the cryptocurrency trenches. From the infamous Mt. Gox hack to the intriguing QuadrigaCX scandal, these stories offer invaluable insights into the challenges and solutions within the crypto space. It’s an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and apply these lessons to your own journey.

Conclusion: A Safety-First Mindset
In the final chapters of “Crypto 101,” you’ll find a culmination of key takeaways and a resounding call to adopt a safety-first mindset. Cryptocurrency presents endless possibilities, but it’s your responsibility to navigate this world securely. Prepare yourself for unforeseen circumstances, stay informed, and take the reins of your financial future. We also include a list of useful crypto resources and a glossary of common terms, meaning you’ll spend less time on google and more time stacking sats.

Introducing the Giveaway: Your Chance to Win
Now, let’s get into the exciting part — our giveaway! We’re giving away two free copies of “Crypto 101,” available in either Kindle or NFT format. Here’s how you can participate:

To Enter:
1. Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Medium.
2. Like and retweet our Tweet.
3. Leave a comment on this Medium article, sharing your biggest cryptocurrency safety concern or lesson learned.

Prize and Deadline:

  • 1st — 2nd Place: A free Kindle or NFT copy of “Crypto 101” 

  • Giveaway Deadline: 30th September 2023

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your cryptocurrency knowledge and secure your digital assets. Join us on this exciting journey towards safer and more responsible crypto usage. Follow us on Twitter, connect on Medium, and enter our giveaway to be one of the lucky winners. Alternately do you want to skip the que? If so find Crypto 101 at this link.

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I hope after reading the book someone will be to start and be profitable in crypto ?
Good article!
This is a great initiative of getting of leads
Can you add the links to the Medium article and tweet please? Thanks! If people loved this article they should check out this one from you as well
One one of my favourite articles about crypto safety is from Ignas | DeFi Research (over at Substack) I constantly recommend this to everyone
Johnson Chau
Great to see BULB being used to spread one's passion project! Maybe we will be able to see a similar initiative where they engage on BULB instead!
Mixing it up a bit now, there's a paperback version and i'm happy to part with one of those for the giveaway if you're a "real book" type of person. Releasing a companion to this one over the next few weeks. It'll cover how to respond to a hack or compromised wallet, and there will be a giveaway for this one too.
Ooo always love a give away
This is a great opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency and how to get started in the space