Vijay And Manoj's Match Part 6🏏

19 Oct 2022

Greetings, dear friends My old buddies are aware that I keep them updated on our cricket match activity. Please read my earlier postings if you're a new reader and enjoy our largest game between Vijay and Manoj. My previous post mentioned an up to drinks break. Here, 9 overs have been played, and the score for the opposing team was 66/2. ( 9 overs ).

Now Manoj has made the decision to award the tenth place to Sagar, a member of our staff. Sagar enters the game to throw the tenth pitch of this inning. Both Suraj and Vijay are striking. Manoj sets the fielding before the 10th over begins since Vijay is on strike during the 10th over and Suraj is non strike. Sagar starts to throw 10th over. Vijay tries to hit a big hit with the first ball Sagar tosses to him in this tenth over, but he edges the bat and is caught by the wicket keeper. Vijay, the captain of the other team, was evil to us, and he settled the wicket of the batsman. Our group begins to celebrate this Wicket. Manoj was overjoyed to witness our vengeance against Vijay. We exchange a lot of heated comments with one another. After the break for beverages, vijay is out on the first ball. suddenly the opposition team loses three wickets. At position five, navnath has started to bat in accordance with vijay's team plan. Navnath joins the match after talking with vijay. Navanath strikes. The second ball of the tenth over is about to be thrown by Sagar. Sagar tosses Navnath the second ball of the tenth over, and he performed excellent defence. This over's second ball is also a dot ball. Navnath receives Sagar's third ball of the tenth over, and he plays it at leg side. On the third ball of this tenth over, he only scores one run. For the fourth ball of this tenth over, Suraj receives a strike. Suraj attempts to knock a big boundary with the fourth ball of this tenth over that Sagar has thrown to him, but he mishits the ball and makes a dot instead. Suraj receives Sagar's fifth ball and he gets only one run. Navnath will now bowl the final ball of this tenth over. Sagar tosses Navnath his final ball of the tenth over, but he is unable to connect with it. He makes the eleventh over into a dot ball. Sagar finished his over and only allowed 2 runs while taking the biggest opponent team skipper Vijay's wicket. Manoj approaches Sagar and says a few words to him. Manoj was overjoyed to read the scorecard because anuj, abhijeet, and sagar all threw consecutive three overs with fewer runs. As a result, the scorecard for the opposing team increases slowly. Due to navnath, manoj again establishes fielding. Navnath was a fantastic batter. According to navnath, manoj fixed fielding because he had already noticed his batting.

Manoj made the choice to pass the 11th spot to Andi, a member of our staff. Suraj is on strike for the eleventh over of this first inning, and Navnath is on non-strike. Andi arrives to throw the eleventh pitch of this inning. Suraj played exceptionally well, but he only scored one run when andi threw his first ball of the eleventh across to him. The second ball is struck by Navnath. Navnath receives andi's second ball, but he misses wide. Navnath played the second ball that Andi threw, but he only scored one run. Suraj hits the ball on the third attempt. Suraj plays a very good game, but Andi tosses his third ball of the eleventh over to him, and he scores two runs. Suraj is in the strike zone on the fourth ball of this eleventh over. Suraj receives Andi's fourth ball, and despite Suraj's excellent performance, he only scores one run once more. For the fifth ball, navnath strikes out. Navnath tries to play for a big boundary after receiving andi's fifth delivery of this eleventh over to him, but he is caught out. Manoj and our entire squad cheer when Navnath is dismissed. because Navnath was a highly roving batter and it was difficult for our squad to keep him on the crease. Gaurav, who was batting at number 6, came from the opposing team. Gaurav makes a dot ball out of Andi's final ball of this eleventh over. In the eleventh over, Andi only allows 7 runs, and the other team's score was 75/4. ( 11 overs ).

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