A lot to smile about

8 Jun 2023

We remember the things that our kids used to say.
Using our daughter as an example, "I just want my hodalays"
We chuckle at how frequently they use certain phrases.
And many other peculiar things, on good days.

We grin because they bring us delight and joy.
Their awe of the universe, the melodies they frequently sing, the stories they like, and the humorous things they write
How attentively they listen to the stories we tell them at night

We grin when we play some of their games that we used to play.
The way they wake up every morning so eager; the way they view the world through rose-colored glasses.
When their eyelids are closed at night, they resemble angels.

We appreciate their efforts and the artwork they produce.
the figures that they depict as having their arms close to their jaw
They don't choose playmates based on race, gender, or creed
How they just request the affection they desperately want and need from you

We chuckle at their candor and perspective on what they observe.
Their desired careers and occupations, as well as their aspirations
A president, a doctor, a firefighter, or a queen one day
Then a cleaner with a cart arrives to maintain the restrooms.

We laugh because they won't make judgments about our jobs or our homes, but we are aware that we must protect them and keep them from roaming.
In their youth, they'll welcome anyone as long as they appear kind.
They'll just take people they find, whether they're wealthy, poor, or disabled.

We grin as we envision their future development.
Enjoy this precious moment because you won't have it for long.
As long as you recognize all of their efforts with praise
You'll probably be proud of the grownup you raised.

Despite the fact that our hearts could break, we grin.
Now that they are adults, they must accept responsibility for their own errors. It is our responsibility as parents to wean them from the nest.
They were only on loan to us, and we were fortunate to have them.

Despite our anguish over our empty little nest, we must accept that this is for the best.
When the need arises, we can assist in preventing them from falling.
As their launching pad for success, learning to fly

Never feel unnecessary once it's just you and your father.
Take solace in the fact that you appreciated every moment you had.
Even from the sidelines, you can experience their highs and lows because, as every grandma
knows, they just might come back to you.

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