Mobile good or bad?

2 Nov 2022

Smartphones are among the many inventions made by man In other words, the invention of the mobile phone has to be called the greatest invention of all. Vamana in Puranas is said to have covered the entire universe in three and a half steps. But this mobile device has literally revolutionized the entire world in one step. Today, from the rich to the poor, virtually everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket. Nowadays no one moves without this mobile phone. This mobile has started to show its glory within a short period of time. All people are completely addicted to this mobile. Wherever you go, people are constantly talking to someone or someone on their mobile phones. After getting out of the car, while walking on the road, while driving, not only that, but also when you come home, you are constantly talking to someone. Being engaged in constant talking, one is not paying attention to the surroundings of the speaker. This often leads to accidents. More importantly, the speaker is not paying attention to the people around him. Mobile also causes physical side effects. This device is constantly holding the ear, the specific electronic rays adversely affect the maida. At the same time, the distortion of the human being has started to get a lot of potential. To others, badsty SMS, WhatsApp is to be transmitted to defamatory text. Students are very cleverly using this equipment for the misconduct of the exam. 'Ganapati's milk is like a superstitious Rumors spread worldwide because of mobile. Terrible Bombing To bring this equipment It is revealed that the criminals have been used. All of them saw that this mobile is not cursed or not. But it would be very unilateral to call mobile cursing. In fact, mobile is the best medium of contact. We can contact anyone from anywhere, anywhere, and literally anywhere in the world. India's first astronaut Rakesh Sharma was able to tell the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, how my country, and "Sare Jahan Se Good". You can contact someone quickly Because of this, your work can be done. Students also resolved small doubts This tool is very useful for taking. Because of this Studies, work has accelerated. I could not live freely for myself with the tension that no one should have a complaint against me. It was from Neeraj's marriage that chaos started. Uncle's house is full of chaos. The people in our house were quite neutral so I was able to run around. Taking care of both Neeraj and mother is my best! The good thing about it is that Enayat was very understanding. Once, seeing the anger of her mother and uncle, she had said, "Jaya, in such a case, the blessings of the elders should be with you. It is said that their undertones bring a message of destruction." Ena's words must have been approved by destiny. Because that's how it ended. The wandering of the mind did not end in the rotation of thoughts. Viraj had gone to a party with a friend. Grandmother and granddaughter were sitting watching any religious serial on TV. Grandma's I was sure that grandma wouldn't wake up until she fell asleep because her grandson wanted to sleep in my lap. So when I want to wake up early for school in the morning, she doesn't listen even when I tell her to sleep early. So I went straight to our bedroom. Ishaan was also sleeping very peacefully. But I could not sleep. When I finally woke up and took a compoze, I fell asleep. After a long time she woke up with Viraj's touch! What time was it? No one knew when he came in. But from his touch it was realized that today Viraj's mood is different. He wanted me but it cost me my life to support him. Either the body was tired and the mind was even more exhausted. But I could not even resist in the face of that bullet. Still, I was trying to free myself from the clutches of Viraj's arms around me. Viraj whispered in my ear, "No matter what happens, I will not leave you today. Your lover is also sleeping. Otherwise his excuse is always enough for you." Viraj has done his job while talking! In the morning I woke up in the northeast by crying The poor man was sitting up. He managed to recover himself. "Thank you madam for your kind co-operation" as Viraj moved his hand on mine. Hearing his words, the fire in my soles went to my head. Seeing that he was awake and not allowed to touch Ishaan who was crying, I was so angry that I was speechless with anger. What do you mean by its behavior? It needs me as a woman when it needs it! At other times I would faithfully play the role of his wife who takes care of his house. But even as a person he doesn't appreciate my feelings. So far I have been able to bear it. But since Ishaan came, I started to feel it a lot. So many times I show it verbally. Even now I wanted to make him sound good. The annoyance of his forced night was burning in his mind, but Ishaan was distracted by hunger. He had to give milk first. So he opened the bedroom door and came out. After feeding Ishaan to Kamwali, I started preparing for breakfast. Today I made french toast as Isha likes it. From the moment she heard us talking, she immediately It's in the box.

The wastage has decreased. If the person you want is involved in the work, we can send SMMs. This mobile is harmonious with modern life. The husband who goes to the job can be contacted by making video calls to his children alone in the house. They can take care of them if they do not want anything. This has become a great support for older lonely people. Recent mobile information gets information about your various bills. News, films have just started. Tickets for drama, cinema, railway, plaques can be purchased from mobile.

This mobile has increased people's participation in television radio events. Recently, many crimes have been revealed due to mobile. At one point, the mobile of the person found under the pile of a building collapsed in the rainy season was played and the fire brigade was able to save his life! The Standard of Humanity If Mahatma Gandhi is to be defined in one word, then the apt word is 'Great Man', Gandhiji always considered himself to be 'a common man'. He honestly admitted the mistakes he made and honestly tried to correct them without any slights. A standard is used to measure anything great. The yardstick used to measure humanity is 'Gandhiji'. Mahatma ji thought of mankind while doing any work. He went to Africa to practice law; But seeing the poverty of the Indians there, they stood behind them. He strongly fought against the inhumane laws imposed on the Indian people there. After returning to India, he first traveled all over India. He was disturbed to see that common Indians were living half-naked and half-bellied. They radically changed their dress, their diet. He preferred to live in a small settlement rather than living in a palatial bungalow. Mahatmaji, who insisted that all people should be treated equally in the society, always came forward himself to clean the garbage bins.

Salt is the symbol of the daily need of a common man! As he felt the tax imposed on that salt was unjust, Mahatmaji took out 'Dandi Yatra' to fight against that injustice. Mahatmaji never expected any respect. He strove throughout his life for the people of all religions and castes to live together. He was killed in a prayer meeting. Gandhiji is not alive today; But he has become immortal due to his extraordinary work. I love my dad very much. I love them is a boy My dad is a graduate. job He learned by doing. You own He decided to start a business was Hence the rickshaw driving business do At first he was driving someone else's rickshaw; But now he has taken his own rickshaw. Dad wakes up early in the morning. The bath ends. Performs worship and leaves at eight o'clock. After coming home in the afternoon, they take food and rest and come home at eight o'clock in the evening. When Dad comes home, he does some work. Then they study us. Sometimes telling the jokes of passengers. Sometimes sitting reading a book, he knows many places in Mumbai. Sometimes they take us for a walk. Baba loves his rickshaw. They maintain the rickshaw with love, they do small repairs of the rickshaw themselves. My dad has no bad addiction at all, so I am very proud of my dad.

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