Societal Pressure

23 Jan 2023

Sorry to everyone who believes in me
Sorry for all the hopes I unconsciously gave
Sorry for making you believe I could be a star
My rock bottom is when being celebrated
By people who love me for
Who they want me to be not for who I am
This can be very depressing
The thought of it and every act
Around it makes it tiresome

Sorry for I'll have to fail you again
I'm choosing to face the world
On my own with my push and standards
Happily spreading my fame on my terms

REMARK: This is a distress call. It expresses our today's society that expects everyone to follow their rules and keep up with them when they're all hypocrites. They expect you to live life on their own terms. Putting so much pressure on you, this can be very frustrating and exhausting but you have to remember, never let anyone define your standard or happiness. Live the very best of your life at your own cost. Note, Mental Health is important.

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