Don't Hesitate about A Huge Potential Airdrop Opportunity

16 Nov 2023

Recently, we have seen some screenshots of investors making massive profits due to Bitcoin Inscriptions in communities or social media. Some show profits exceed 10 times, some show profits exceed 30 times, and some even exceed 200 times. What a crazy thing. The community goes crazy and the average investors become more and more FOMO( fear of missing out).

However, crypto fluctuates, and I do believe the market correction is just right around the corner. Please don't be anxious, just be patient, and do what you are familiar with, or you'll lose your assets. Getting airdrop rewards is an appropriate way to earn crypto. In this article, let me share with you a huge potential airdrop opportunity: Dmail.

What is Dmail?

In the crypto world, more and more people are likely to use decentralized products to protect their personal information. To be honest, crypto changes our lives and our world, it changes our payment method, our investment way. And now Email is being transformed by a project named Dmail. Dmail Network is building an AI-powered decentralized infrastructure that provides seamless, anonymous messaging and notification services across multiple chains and applications. In other words, Dmail is decentralized Email, which is different from traditional Email such as Gmail, Zoho Mail,,,, etc. In the following picture, you can see that Dmail equals Dropbox plus Gmail, Metamask, and ENS. That's why I believe Dmail has a huge potential opportunity.

How to get the points?

If you log in to Dmail, Click the button [Free Upgrade] and you'll find "Points & Plans" on the right side, then slide the mouse down, you can see the rules of points in detail. For example, Subscribe to at least 5 projects, you'll get 50 points, setting auto message forwarding, you will get 100 points, send an email by a different Chain, you will get 30-100 points. The official has previously issued an announcement indicating that points can be exchanged for tokens in the future and can be used as fuel in Dmail ecosystem.

Different ways to log in to Dmail?

Since its inception, Dmail has actively established relationships with institutions within the crypto industry. Now Dmail is becoming one of the most popular SocialFi projects, and the amount of active users has exceeded more than 500K. Its supporters or partners include Hashkey Capital, AMINO Capital, DRAPER DRAGON, Kucoin Exchange, Chainlink, Polygon DAO, BNB Chain, etc.

On the official website, we can see that Dmail provides 7 different Blockchains and more than 15 kinds of wallets as the login methods. Here are the specific ways:

BNB chain
Internet Computer(ICP)
SEI Network

If you wanna get a Dmail NFT Domain account presale, you can click the button [Presale] and you can search the digits of the NFT Domain that you'd like to. It is worth mentioning that if you select BNB Chain, it provides a free mint way for an 8-11-digit NFT Domain account, you could have a try.

Disclaimer: And as a final reminder, this is not financial advice and it’s just for educational purposes only. Please do your own research and find out what investments are best for you. Cheers everyone! In the crypto world.

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think this is similar to another project i looked at a while ago called ethermail. Both look to have an airdrop and provide web 3 features focused around email. Good project to get in on, all things considered. thanks for the write up
Good alternative to gmail
Great idea
The product Dmail is building: Good. I like it. There's a few blockchain email/messaging platforms out there at the moment. Though email is already decentralised. It's just a messaging standard and you've always been able to self custody your email. Though owning an email address is new(ish) But an airdrop based on points? Nah, that raises red flags. A few of them. Why does Dmail need a token? What purpose would it serve apart from giving Dmail extra funding? What drives demand to buy the token once it's launched? What chain would the token deploy on? It's going to have low liquidity and if it tries to deploy on multiple chains it may be almost impossible to trade. Lastly, points systems are suspect. There is no clarity as to how many tokens points will get you or even if points will definitely convert to tokens. It smacks of cashing in on 'airdrop fever' without actually having a solid strategy in place for any token that launches.
A good airdrop to be on
Very keen to learn more about this after reading through your great article. Looks like there is some enormous potential and I am sure to take a look. Thanks for sharing.
I'm already using it
Woah. This is definitely interesting! Thanks for sharing
Gary Cartlidge
Cool idea but doesn't seem very nessesacy, cheers for sharing
Thanks for sharing @hangthy! I am going to have to check this out.
crypto world offering endless opportunities to earn free crypto. Dmail project looking interesting and cool . let me go through.
Great article, very interesting! Thank you
Airdrops can sometimes be really juicy. Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us! :)
Yes, your correct lot of opportunities are coming we always focus on something new it's really great and also we take some benefits also.
Very Interesting......
Is it going to work out? Because I haven't benefited from any airdrop and I'm really discouraged when I see people post about so I get scared to participate in it.
Very interesting, but I also don't see much use for it, at least for now.
Decentralized emails sounds interesting, I'll check it out!
How many email services do we need?
Nicely explained
I wasn't familiar with that, I got to check it