How to relate with boss

19 Oct 2022

You should have a good relationship with your boss or boss. Flattering the boss, slobbering or, in today's common parlance, 'spooning' is not the way to do that. This way you can impress the boss for a while. can please; But the way to have a good relationship with the boss is to do your duty, work properly, if you have any problems in doing it, tell the boss freely. Appreciate the boss's good qualities occasionally. If you really feel that he is doing something wrong, tell him without such great skill and bitterness. He is also human, he too will listen to you as he is aware that he too can make mistakes. Will accept it with sportsmanship. Of course This should be done 'tactfully'. If you know the likes and dislikes of the boss, his characteristics (if not, you must know them.) then use them skillfully. A boss is a boss, so also be careful not to hurt his ego. If your best friend becomes your boss, don't overstep your bounds in acting like a slob. Friendship is fine in private. In office work, give the necessary dignity and respect to that bamboo. There is much discussion in management science about the relationship between 'boss and subordinate'. Many books are also on it, it is useful.

• 'Formal' refers to a relationship with office colleagues, while 'informal' refers to relationships on an informal level. are stronger than Because they naturally occur naturally. For example, if there is a common hobby, interest, language, like-minded people automatically come together and form informal relationships. Within the formal structure of each office there may be many informal groups, large or small. Also informal relationships are developed through social events such as Ganeshotsav in the office, trips, cultural programs, tourism, organizing festivals. Such events lead to better acquaintance with each other. It increases mutual harmony. The sense of cooperation increases and a 'team spirit' culture of working in a team spirit takes root in the organizations as a whole. The company management is always working to create team spirit, mutual harmony, increase cooperation and increase efficiency. Organizing creative activities from time to time is beneficial for both the company and the employees.

If there is any disagreement or rift among the employees due to one or the other reason, this informal mentoring, interpersonal relationship can be used to avoid harmful entanglements.
Do not let laxity, carelessness or carelessness come anywhere in your behavior in the office. Your position, company, reputation will be insulted
Landilbadi, Chuglichahadi, Chahnagiri, Nindanalasti, Kucheshta, Naintsana,

Always stay away from rumours. Don't encourage them. On the contrary, stop these vices in time.

If you make a mistake and point it out to your partner, accept it in a sportsmanlike manner. Don't be rude about it. Also the purpose of correcting is to make you improve. This is not to get you into trouble, trust me. Do your job well. Keep your table tidy. Dress and language

Be polite. Automatically other people will like you. You will get better support from them.

Keeping your behavior in the office in this way will improve the quality of work, bring more enjoyment from work.

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