Why Professor X founded Xavier School?

26 Jun 2022

X-men are group of superheroes and people with special abilities who got supernatural powers due to being mutants. Technically mutants means disorder in the genes than normal people.
Initially , being so less in numbers , mutants were disrespected in society and taken as burden. So, some of them turn aganist people and some tried to help them. So, Professor X decided to create the foundation X-men.

As born mutant ,they couldn't have total control over their powers and they could distrubs the society and create difficulties , so Professor X started this foundation and have open school for them where they were trained to be familiar and total control over powers. If they have control over their powers , they could really help society to restore peace and fights agansits other threats. But some group of these groups turned aganist Professor X beacuse he tried to help those poeple who used to hate them and tried to kill them in the beginging. So , fights between them started internally.

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