6 Jan 2023

I pour down myself to you oh lord
And ask that you drink from me
Let me kiss the toes of your feet with my words
And massage it's sole with my worship
Let me stroke your hair with my Thanksgiving
And caress your ego with my praise

Let me rest my head on your holy thighs
While you softly pamper my head
Taping away all of my pain, all of my existing worry
And decaying the sources of them all
Let me graze my flesh against your bright shadow
And let your virtue phase through me

Let me morph evidently into a being of your reflexion
Let me become one with you, the supreme being
The destructive builder, the vengefully merciful
Let me erupt your passion with my sacrifice
The sinker of air and floater of iron
Your mercy endureth forever

The all sufficient power
The pleasure behind the pain
All my words of praise are but a skosh
An insignificant wee necessity
A paroxysm of divinity you are
The only being older than time

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