World Surf League (WSL) Finals

5 Sept 2022

The World Surf League Finals are on this coming Friday (Saturday AEST)
This controversial Finals format is a relatively new concept of crowning the Mens and Women's World Champion for 2022.
The top 5 Men & top 5 Women will fight it out to get the title.
The top 5 men are made up of 2 Brazilians, 2 Australians and an American who changed to Japan.
5th surfs against 4th, the winner of that surfs against 3rd and the winner of that surfs against 2nd, and the winner of that surfs against the top surfer and whoever wins is World Champ.
Out of the Women’s, there is a Costa Rican, Aussie, Hawaiian turned Brazilian, French (from Reunion Island off Africa) and a Hawaiian.
There is a very good chance that Australia will once again have a Male & Female World Champ, with Jack Robinson from Margaret River, Western Australia, and Steph Gilmore from Coolangatta, Queensland, in great form.
I’ll post the outcomes after the weekend 🤙

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The Aussie surfers are doing ver well. Interesting to see who become the world Champs
The world surfer league of the WSL is goonna be huge in the future
It's gonna be huge. As mentioned earlier
A somewhat novel idea for selecting the Men's and Women's World Champions for 2022 is the contentious Finals format.
It's really interesting to see the world champs
Out of the Women's, we have Costa Ricans, Australians, Hawaiians who are now Brazilians, French people (from the island of Reunion off of Africa), and Hawaiians.
Australia has a very high possibility of producing a male and female world champion once more.
Hope people will support all kinds of sports
Im interested to read more about how competitive surfing works - how the points work, who qualifies, etc. Awesome!
A Hawaiian, French (from Reunion Island off Africa), Australian, Costa Rican, and French (from Australia) are among the women's competitors.