The Things we Ignore

15 Sept 2022

What will you write today?

Thank God you asked. a few weeks ago was our five-year Anniversary. five years since we met. trust me, it has not been a fruitful one, but it has been eventful.

For starters, we had our first kiss this year. crazy right? it was really good, amazing stuff. she said I was her best kisser. The fact that I hadn't kissed anyone in five years made me blush. why it will forever remain special was that it was also the best kiss of my life too.

But of recent? I messed up. in a plot to protect what we had, i hid her from my world. i adored her in secret and said nothing in public. maybe because i suck at PDAs but i went too far. i want her to know u still love her when she reads this. so in my hurt i wrote this piece, i hope she loves it.

I'm sorry.
For screaming how love's been unfaithful.
For adoring you only in secret.
For hiding you from the world.

I'm sorry
I didn't even see it as an issue
I should've been more sensitive
I should've told the world you're mine.

I'm sorry
For I can imagine how long it took
To explain your pain
I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier
I'm glad I listened.


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There are things that improve us from the inside out. They don't always make us joyful, but they do make our lives more meaningful. It is not always nice to ignore the things that matter