(Free) Cybersecurity Certifications in 2022!!

23 Jul 2022

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing daily as a result of the growing problem of cybercrime for people and organizations around the world. You’ll notice that cybersecurity precautions have become far more stringent in recent years, which has increased demand for security specialists in the industry.

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Aside from improving your technical knowledge, obtaining a Cybersecurity Certification can make you more marketable, confident, and even earn a higher salary.
In today’s blog, I’ll discuss about free cybersecurity certifications that one should know.

1. Cisco Cloud Security  Certification

As, cloud is a fast-growing market many organizations are moving towards cloud for thier workloads, as the demand for cloud security skills rise significantly.
Cisco partnering with netcad offers free self-paced trainings and certification on cloud security. All you need to do is to signup from the link and register to earn free certification. Topics learned from the course are below:

Lesson 1: Indepth understanding of Cloud security offerings/services.
Lesson2: Best practices for Data Encryption, Identity and access management, Cloud security
Lesson 3: Gain insights on Cloud Security Event & Incident management tools

It also offers 2 more free certifications Cyber Security IntroductionCyber Security Essentials for beginners.Topics learned from these courses would be:

Lesson 1: Cybersecurity Trends, common threats, attacks and Vulnerabilities
Lesson2: Understand basic security controls of networks, applications and infrastructure.

2. FSC (Fortigate Security Certification)

Fortinet is leader in developing cybersecurity solutions ( ex: Fortinet Firewall etc.) offers a wide range of certifications on cybersecurity (Network security associate L1–L8)and this course drives through below topics:

Lesson1: Fortigate security fabric, Network security profiles for antivirtus, webfiltering.
Lesson2: Fortigate Firewall Authentication, Logging and Monitoring

Sign up to this course using this link to register course and earn free certification.

3. Forti EDR ( Fortigate EDR Certification)

FortiEDR is a leading endpoint security solution offered by Fortinet, to register for this certification follow this link to enroll and earn free certification. Topics from this course are:

Lesson1: Introduction of FortiEDR, installation and troubleshooting steps.
Lesson2: Investigate security incidents, investigation and remediation.

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Thanks for this
I am doing a master's degree in cybersecurity and all this certifications are great recommendations. Cisco Networking Academy have many from Cybersecurity and free. Thanks for such an amazing article!
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