What is NAO token? Nettensor AI Service Project

19 Apr 2024

Nettensor is a prominent AI service provider with a series of advanced technology products, blockchain applications that support smart contracts, and EVM compatibility.

What is a nettensor?

Nettensor is an AI service provider and a key product that focuses on hosting, deploying virtual private servers (VPS), remote desktop protocol (RDP), and domain management.
The project contributes to building AI infrastructure, ensuring computational resources are available and optimized for all types of applications. Dedicated servers provide reliability, high performance, and consistency in handling complex computations when working with increasingly large AI workloads.
Nettensor says it always uses the most advanced hardware and the most flexible software to provide the best service to customers.

Nettensor Products

NetCloud is a cloud platform that makes AI infrastructure services run more smoothly. NetCloud is Nettensor's core tool, deploying basic services for projects to evolve in the dynamic environment of AI infrastructure.
NetGPU offers GPU rental for all developers. NetGPU's suite of services helps organizations and developers harness the full potential of computing power for advanced AI applications.
GPU rental service has outstanding performance thanks to the use of the most advanced equipment on the market today. NetGPUs are based on NVIDIA A100 and H100, which not only speed up inference and model training but also help users drive research and development of new areas.
NetVPN is a privacy-focused service. VPNs create secure internet connections and encrypt data transfers, preventing unauthorized access to data while protecting sensitive information during transmission.
NetVPN is part of a plan being developed by a dedicated security services team.
Net Tensor
Net Tensor is a smart contract-enabled blockchain technology with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Bytecode compatibility. Decentralized systems create transparent and secure work environments, allowing teams to trust each other and hold everyone accountable.
Net Tensor as an App Chain service allows users to communicate with the Large Language Model (LLM) from various sources such as OpenAI, Hugging Face, Lang Chain, etc.
nettensor and the net tensor are not the same. Nettensor is the parent company responsible for overseeing and managing all parts of the project. Meanwhile, Net Tensor is a blockchain technology platform.

NAO Token Information

  • Token Name: Nettensor
  • Symbol: NAO
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 NAO
  • Circulating supply: 100,000,000 NAO


  • Staking: 10%
  • Listing: 10%
  • Partners and project developers: 10%
  • Liquidity on DEX: 70%

Price and Exchange Fluctuations

According to Coinmarketcap data, NAO tokens are trading at $0.1544, up 17.71 percent over the past 24 hours. However, NAO recorded a decrease of up to 41.52% in the past month. NAO's 24-hour volume was $1.68 million, a sharp increase of 74.8%. The capitalization of the project reached 15.18 million USD.


Stage 1

  • Fairlaunch on Uniswap
  • Marketing through reputable KOLs
  • NetCloud Bot (BETA) Launched
  • Launch NetVPN App (BETA)
  • Launch NetGPU console (BETA)
  • Join the NVIDIA startup program for startups
  • Join the Google Cloud for startups program
  • Listings on the floors
  • Discover new AI infrastructure and privacy services

Stage 2

  • Add decentralization to NetCloud service
  • Support payment by NAO token on NetCloud service
  • Launch NetCloud console
  • Add decentralization to NetVPN service
  • Support for NAO token payments on NetVPN services
  • Add hierarchy to NetGPU service
  • Support for payment by NAO token on NetGPU services
  • Explore Rent Services
  • AI chat bot development
  • Deploy an Ethereum node to learn the basic EVM bytecode
  • Deploy Polygon and learn Polygon CDK in AI APP Chain development on Net Tensor
  • Deploy Bittensor nodes to learn the basics of decentralized LLM and leverage the Bittensor API integrated into the AI App Chain on Net Tensor.

Stage 3

  • Building an EVM Bytecode-compatible AI application chain based on Polygon CDK
  • Using the Bittensor API as the underlying decentralized LLM on the AI application chain, using popular APIs like OpenAI and Hugging Face to accelerate AI features on Net Tensor
  • Allow native tokens like TAO bridges to Net Tensor for developers to build dApps

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