Hang AI art on your walls

15 Apr 2024

AI generated art has changed the way we look at artwork. No longer is it solely created with a paintbrush, but many works are now generated through an algorithm. AI Art is gaining increased popularity, particularly as printed artwork that can hung in galleries and homes. While it may not always be accessible over the internet or on a digital device, seeing an artwork hanging on a wall gives it more presence and identity. When we stand before such a work of art, it brings with it an appreciation and respect for what was once considered cutting edge technology. AI-generated art is best viewed when everyone has access in their physical environment to experience this innovation first-hand.

Are there good reasons why a company should display printed AI artwork at their premises?

An AI art print can serve as a conversation starter in a company in several ways:

  • As a visual representation of technology: AI art prints can showcase the capabilities and potential of artificial intelligence, sparking conversations about the future of technology and its impact on various industries.

  • As a unique aesthetic: AI art prints can have a unique aesthetic that is not found in traditional art forms, which can make them stand out and be a conversation starter among employees and visitors.

  • As a source of inspiration: AI art prints can be thought-provoking and inspire conversations about creativity, innovation, and the relationship between technology and art.

  • As a tool for team building: AI art prints can be a topic of discussion that can encourage team members to share their perspectives and ideas, fostering collaboration and a sense of community within the company.

  • As a representation of company values: AI art prints can reflect the company's values and mission, sparking conversations about the company's direction and goals.
  • As a representation of the company's industry or field: AI art prints can be related to the company's industry or field, sparking conversations about the company's work, the future of the industry, and the impact that the company has.

Overall, having AI art prints in a company can serve as a visual representation of the company's values, mission, and work, it can spark conversations, inspire employees, and foster collaboration and a sense of community within the company.

When is the best time to launch a new AI gallery website?

As the new year rolled around, we set out to make a statement. With our new AI art gallery, launching on January 1st served as the perfect platform to make a splash in the digital art world. The milestone that it sets encourages us every day as we work hard to bring works of art made by our software onto the stage of artists and appreciators alike. Seeing how far this project has come is exhilarating; it's been a long journey for us, but each day we strive closer towards making this dream into reality. Launching our website gave us the perfect opportunity to get off on the right foot and start 2023 strong!

At www.artificial-intelligence.gallery, we are committed to celebrating and supporting the marriage of art and technology. Through our platform, we feature an impressive array of digital artists who use artificial intelligence to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Our growing list of featured artists reflects the ingenuity and creativity of a generation that is embracing technology’s ability to foster artistic expression. We believe this trend will only continue to expand as new AI tools become available and more individuals discover the exciting possibilities for inventive artwork that await them on the cutting edge of art and tech.

We’d like to invite you to AI art gallery

AI generated art has quickly become a uniquely captivating medium, offering viewers an opportunity to see the world in captivatingly new ways. As with all artwork, AI-created pieces of art possess an even greater impact when seen in person and as a physical entity on a wall or other display area. This provides the viewer with not just a visual experience, but also a tactile one. AI-generated artwork is increasingly being displayed in prominent places across the world, allowing people to witness its beauty with their own eyes instead of just online screens. A printed image of an AI piece hanging as a backdrop on any wall can bring that same level of awe for viewers fortunate enough to encounter it in real life.

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