Who feeds on who?

24 Aug 2022

Have you ever utilized TikTok? Do you at least have a general understanding of why YouTube and Instagram try to resemble TikTok more? The bulk of people are kept ensnared and dependent on the application by its algorithmic feed, which has been greatly improved. Why would it be, you might wonder. No one is surprised that the answer is money. The more users spend time using an application, the more money sponsors spend on these social networks.
Additionally, as money is invested, the algorithms are upgraded for even greater enslavement. That demonstrates a disregard for morals, regardless of whether the data is reliable, inaccurate, or deceptive. Canines will chase after a bone that is thrown to them. Social networks operate similarly to businesses.
They pursue gain as all means even as the expand of it members. This is why Web3 platform is different from Web2 in almost every way

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