22 Feb 2024

It is claimed that there are computers that work for you as long as you acquire them and pay into the system. This process, called Ponzi Scheme, is the most common example of scam. Even realistically, if the system can handle itself with cloud mining, why should other miners be expected to join the system? Bitcoin Investment Packages: Packages offered under the name Bitcoin investment package (BIP) are a profit system where you can constantly acquire cryptocurrency in exchange for small payments. BIP packages can be profitable at the initial stage. With these packages, you are offered a payment guarantee on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The BIP system, which is profitable as long as new members are in the system, reduces your profit as the number of new members decreases and eventually reaches zero. Therefore, it is illogical and unrealistic for the coins themselves to create investment packages. Closed Source Code: All popular and accepted payment systems, such as Bitcoin, are software developed with open source code. Scam coins do not offer to provide you with the source code, but rather provide very superficial information about how the system works. Investing in a system whose operation and source code you do not know; It's like going for a walk in an area where you don't know where there are mines. However, you can consider the source code as the minelaying plan of this field. If you have this plan in hand, you will know where to step and have confidence in the terrain. Developer Team and Founding Story: Not every cryptocurrency is founded by publicly known people. However, it should be known who is behind the team, and their reliability should be open to objective questioning. Otherwise, it is impossible to understand whether a subcoin was established by Scam group members or not. Participant Community: The existence of participant communities for a coin and the active accessibility of the communities helps prove the value of the coin in the public eye. If people are not talking about the coin and there are no active community groups, there is a high chance that it is a scam coin.

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