What kind of country is India?

2 Feb 2023

India is situated in South Asia. The northeast region is neighbors with Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The east region borders Myanmar and faces Sri Lanka across the sea. The northwest region has a constant relationship with Pakistan and has a coastline of 5560 kilometers. Capital: New Delhi, main language: Hindi. Land area: 2.98 million square kilometers, population: 1.324 billion. The domestic population mainly resides in the following cities: New Delhi: 25 million, Mumbai: 22.8 million, Kolkata: 15.726 million, Chennai: 10 million.

History of India:

In the Paleolithic period, there were signs of human settlement in India. After the advancement of history, the Indus Valley civilization became the main cultural system of India. This civilization is also known as the (Halapa culture). After that, the Aryans conquered the Indus Valley and established a caste system. Buddhist culture emerged during this period.

The most important dynasties in the history of India are: the Sixteen Heroes, the Maurya, the Gupta, the Ghaznavids, the Delhi Sultan, the Mughal and other countries have successively ruled India. Later, Portugal and Britain invaded India one after another. After some competition, the British became the ultimate victor and India became a British colony.

India's economy:

In recent years, India’s economic development is obvious to all, but due to its large population, the gross national product is low. GDP in 2018 was 2.7 trillion U.S. dollars.

The leading industry in India's economy should be industry ,because of its relatively advanced technological level, Indian industry occupies a certain position in the world economy. In addition, 72% of Indians choose to engage in agriculture, making India the world’s largest food production country. As India has many historical sites thus attracting countless people to visit here every year, this makes the Indian government have to pay attention to tourism. The world economy is highly prosperous and developed, and the foreign trade industry cannot be underestimated in the Indian economy.

Some unacceptable things about India:

1. According to relevant data, India has the highest rate of illiteracy in the world. However, 45% of people are still illiterate.

2. The overall economic situation in India is considered stable, but this country does not have a relatively stable transportation line. We can see from related reports that crowded people have become the main theme of the streets in India, but the government does not have enough energy to improve traffic, which has led India to become the world’s top country with the most deaths due to traffic accidents.

3 Open-air toilets can be found everywhere in the streets of India, but Indians still go their own way, urinate and defecate everywhere, and rubbish everywhere, resulting in an unpleasant smell in the streets. So, this is the reason that countless people who visit India cannot tolerate this phenomenon.

4. India is one of the countries with the bad air level in the world. This country’s capital, New Delhi, has been voted as the world’s worst air quality capital. According to relevant data, 27 of the 30 worst air quality cities in the world are from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, among which India ranks among the top.

5. India has the world’s largest garbage dump-the Brogan dump. This dump covers an area of ​​390,000 square meters. It accepts more than 500 tons of garbage from all over India every day. There are still people settled here in stinky places.

6. The Dahavi slum in India is located near Mumbai. This slum covers an area of ​​1.75 square kilometers and according to official data one million civilians lives here. The living environment here is extremely poor and there is no trace of hygiene at all. Since most families do not have a drainage system, they want to You must line up to go to the toilet, and no one will help you clean up the garbage generated.

7. The status of women in India is not high. In this country, if a woman wants to live a good life in her in-laws, they must prepare a large dowry to their mother-in-law's family. If there is not enough dowry, it may make her life in her in-laws more difficult.

8. We use knives and forks in european countries. But in India, you will find a peculiar phenomenon, that is, Indians grab the food on the plate with their hands and put it in their mouths, but they still eat. Certainly, you can only use the right hand but not the left hand.

9. The Ganges is the mother river of India. Hinduisms often hold grand ceremonies here. In order to pay homage they will drink Ganges water. But in recent years The Ganges River is very polluted, but Indians still don’t care, they continue to drink the Ganges water, and even want to export the Ganges River water.

10. Indian trains are really not complimentary. Not only are they slow, but they also be filled with lot of people. This phenomenon has surprised countless people. After all, this is extremely dangerous and may cause life danger at any time.

11. India is a country full of religious colors. It has a strict caste system here. If a person is cursed and has a low status, but he wants to change his destiny, he can only change his destiny through marriage. What they call change ,the way of destiny is not based on human beings, which is unimaginable for countless people.

Some good things about India

1. India is a leader in the production of generic drugs. The generic drugs developed by India are not only as effective as the original drugs, but also at a much lower price. There are countless families who can not afford high-priced drugs and have visit to India to buy the drugs they need to save their families.

It is precisely because of the high level of medical care that Indian generic drugs occupy about 20% of the market in the industry, and this industry has become one of the pillars of the Indian economy.

2. The IT level of India is really impressive. The industry talents cultivated in India are all engaged in senior management positions in major well-known companies in the world. The world's richest man Bill Gates once predicted that India may become the next software superpower.

3. There is Hollywood in the United States and Bollywood in India. Every year, the movies broadcast by Bollywood in India are well-known in the world.

In addition, India has a good performance in the aerospace industry, nuclear power industry, banking industry and other places, which has been praised by countless people.


I think India is a country with a big gap between the rich and the poor. Here, the rich live the life of a master, and the poor can only live like ants. It takes a lot of courage to live here. In addition, the country’s health conditions are too bad and the infrastructure is not good enough.

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