Lovely mother

11 May 2023

Arun turned one year old and his mother Kanchana closed her eyes. It was impossible for Vidurji to pay attention to Arun while managing business and office affairs. Vidurji was devastated by Kanchana's death and there was no one else in the house to look after baby Arun. According to friends and seniors, Vidurji was ready to remarry because he knew his stepmother's troubles, so he married an older virgin, Savitri. And put a condition. Take care of baby Arun like a child of the womb and don't want your own child! Savitri accepted it and Arun started growing up in Savitri's arms. Savitri was taking care of Arun more than Vidurji. One day Savitri got cold. With cold she became cowry bavari, four - four blankets but her cold failed further. Savitri got warm due to Vidurji's patting and she was sleeping peacefully. But the fruit of a little careless venture bore fruit in her womb. It was announced that Vidurji would become a father again. Savitri gave birth and gave birth to a beautiful son. He was named Varun and Arun and Varun started growing up together. Now Santoshi people started discussing that Savitri will have a step brother. But Savitris was like Arun, Varun. Vidurji was afraid, like I was tortured, Arun will not suffer the same fate? Both brothers were brilliant in education.

But the association of both the brothers was of different interest. Varun A thrifty innkeeper, Arun Kusangi became spendthrift and irresponsible due to Kusangi's friend. He used to behave well in the presence of Viduraji and Savitri, but he was doing so under false pretenses. Along with cigarettes, he was addicted to alcohol. His Kusang continued to grow.

Varun became smart and skilled in Vidurji's business, he expanded the business, but Arun wandered in a different environment. He was surprised to see Varun's progress but he didn't show it. Vidurji was busy in business and his respect was increasing. They used to pay the same amount for both the children but Arun's financial condition was deteriorating. He became addicted to lying. He started selling his household goods and his debt increased. An addict never calls himself an addict. He blames someone else. Not only does he protect his own reputation, but he does not think anything of destroying the reputation of those close to him. He considers himself wise and independent. He does not smell their mouth. Knowing how his other friends have suffered because of addiction, he blames others. He craves alcohol as soon as he wakes up in the morning. He does not love food. Somehow he eats something and secretly drinks this and that kind of alcohol, then falls anywhere, sleeps, gets injured, but because he is Vidurji's son, people take care of him and no one at home has any idea about this.

Part 2

Sometimes the addict tries to improve himself but the wrong people lead him down that path. But he decides in his mind that now I am not an alcoholic but I am an alcoholic and his physical condition deteriorates. Something similar was happening to Arun. He used to spend less time at home and outside. Others thought for sure that he must have a stepmother at home. Vidurji, being a god, was not aware of Arun's friends. They never want to talk about Arun. Because they considered Savitri as Arun's stepmother but they never spoke to her like that. But due to Vidurji's neglect of Savitri, Arun lost his hand But it was known. One day suddenly the phone came. Vidurji ran to the hospital, Arun was unconscious. The finger was cut and the head was hit. The hands were raised on the feet. It was luck that saved him, the doctor treated him in time. The people on the road and the police took him to the hospital. Vidurji was looking at Arun deprived of his mother's love with a single gaze. Inspector came and said hello Mr. Vidurji, how are you bro! This boy had your card in his pocket and I thought it must be your son who was going to come under the truck but your Punai survived. But one says as my duty, listen carefully, this boy was driving drunk. His friends all ran away. This is the result of bad association. Savitri was standing at the back, she ran and hugged Arun, started crying and said what happened to my Arun! He is wise, don't say anything to him, he will behave well, he will listen to me, he will definitely improve. Inspector! Arun is as bright as the sun. Vidurji had Arun's medical test report in his hand and was in tears. It was unbearable.

Savitri came up after giving the blood group and seeing Vidurji's crying posture shook him and said, what happened to my Arun? Vidurji said Savitri! My Arun is in a terrible condition. And Savitri said oh don't say your Arun, say our Arun and Vidurji cried and said, Savitri you are Arun's step mother I am his unfortunate father. Savitri! Arun's kidney is bad, the other one is damaged. He does not get blood of the required group for the operation. Savitri! Tell me who will save him now? Meanwhile, the man from the laboratory came, Mr. Vidurji! Don't worry because Savitri Vahini's blood will match Arun's blood group. Now only the kidney is a problem? And step mother Savitri said doctor prepare for operation I am giving one of my kidneys to my son, Arun! Varun was standing there, he handed a check of one lakh to the doctor and said take this deposit. Mother and son taken to operation theater Step mother gave life to her step son by donating her kidney. Mothers and fathers are ready to give everything for their sons and daughters. Now if Arun becomes satsangi, his life has to be called worthwhile. Within seven days, Arun and mother Savitri recovered in the excavation. Vidurji was happy and Varun was like Lakshmana. It was Ramayana week at home. Arun was completely changed when he got the color of satsang. Arun and Varun were born. This is the result of satsanga saint-association. And Bhupali's voice denounced.

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