The demand for content creators

5 Dec 2023

Building your own business requires a lot of work, and you usually have to take a loan for its development. Those who achieve success do not count every hour at work. What's more, they don't feel that they are working at all, because it is their passion. In this article you will learn about new opportunities, which until now were available only to a few.

Are you thinking about changing jobs or finding additional work? You are not alone. Many of us are wondering how to survive these difficult times. Until now this has been a problem for developing countries, but now it also affects the richest countries in the world. With a change of workplace comes many difficulties. You may have to move to another city or country. If you have a family, this alone is discouraging. Not only you will have to find yourself in a new environment, but also your children will have to leave their friends and look for new ones.

Fortunately, we have the Internet. Until now, earning through the Internet was just a dream for many. Literally in the last two years there have been tremendous changes that make it possible not only to make money over the Internet but even to become an owner of new social media.

Read on to find out how many new opportunities have opened up for those who want to build their business in social media. We all know what the biggest platforms are - Meta, X, Youtube, Tik Tok. Although most of our friends still use these platforms exclusively, they are beginning to lose popularity. The infamous practices of censorship, manipulation and data selling have discouraged many users. Competition is growing in strength. More and more new social media are being created and many of them are actually much more attractive than the biggest ones. As competition in the social media market increases, so does the demand for content creators. And here is a huge opportunity for you. Learn how to increase the reach of your audience.

Many of the creators are focusing on new media built on blockchain. This is the future, he predicts a very rapid development of just these social media. However, the present is such that most people have never even heard of these new media. One of the biggest problems of the new platforms is the small number of users. In order to increase popularity, creators are needed to post new content. If you are interested in blockchain technology there are a lot of topics you can write about. The technology is developing so fast that in one year is settled what previously took four years. Soon, with the help of AI, development will be sixteen times faster. No one can follow everything that is currently happening in blockchain technology, AI, robotics, science development. Hundreds of projects are looking for content creators who will help them popularize them. Popular social media have been forced to fight for creators, who are leaving en masse, discouraged by the politics of these media. Tik Tok has made it possible to build an audience faster through short videos that are shown to a very large audience. This caused Youtube to introduce short video and reduce the requirements for monetization. Tik Tok is not Youtube's only problem. Meta also has its videos, as does X and even Pinterest. These companies attract creators by making it easier to monetize through content creation.

Social media built on blockchain have emerged that offer monetization from day one, and not just for posting content but for almost everything one does on these social media. This is how Tangled rewards its users just for spending time reading posts. BULB rewards blog authors but also those who read and comment on them. Your article can become an NFT and be traded just like other NFTs or cryptocurrencies. Den Social rewards you not only for what you do but also gives you the opportunity to become a part owner of the platform. We have DeSo, Social, SI8, Torum, PublishOx, Hive, We look forward to projects like Lens Protocol on Polygon. Almost every blockchain that has smart contracts builds social media. Then there are projects not built on blockchain such as Rumble, True Social, Mastodon. All of them need creators. So you can see how great the opportunities are for those who can write articles, make videos, take pictures. Even if you don't know how to do it yet, you will find a lot of helpful articles and videos that will help you learn it, and for free. There are also a lot of programs designed for creators. Some are very expensive, but you will find some that you can use for free.

Lack of the required abilities should not discourage anyone. What you do, what you know, what you are interested in is also interesting to others. Authenticity is very much at a premium. If you don't have experience in making videos or a podcast then start with writing, short posts, publishing photos you have taken. Slowly learn how to make these materials more attractive. Create four posts each day. Big posts are the best, but if you don't have time for that then post more short ones. On any platform, what matters is persistence and constantly posting new material. This will also help you develop your skills. The hundredth video will surely be much better than the first.

Being persistent in what you do is not easy, so clearly set your own goals. If it is to make four posts a day then write it on a piece of paper and set a date when you will achieve your goal. You have no control over how many people will view your material, but if your goal is to just create, regardless of the results, you will reach your goal. Also set intermediate goals, such as learning skills that will help you create better posts.

Demand for creatives is huge. Think about how many of your friends use social media. Almost all of them. Now ask yourself how many of those you know personally regularly create content for public use? Not many, or none. There are many more viewers than creators. By making new content, we learn and become progressively better creators.

However, it's good not to limit yourself to just one platform. The best thing about it is that if you create something, you can publish the same content on several social media. Sometimes you will have to change something because not everything will fit the climate of each platform. This is a game for the long haul. You will achieve success through faith in your own strengths and perseverance. Nothing stands in your way. Now there are no more language barriers. We have good translators at our disposal, thanks to AI we can generate our own images and even music. There have not yet been better times to become an author. Just think about the fact that once upon a time you had to have the right education and connections to be able to publish in a local newspaper. Now from your own home you can publish to the whole world and for free, and you do not need to ask anyone for permission. Being an author you can recommend to others the products you use yourself. There are a lot of companies that are looking for someone to do advertising for them. Even the largest corporations make ads that are supposed to look like amateurish. An additional source of income can be referral links, which can be placed in articles. If you present a new product, try to get a referral link. Readers will thank you for what they have learned from you and many of them will use your link. Often this link includes a discount, or other benefits that you don't have without a referral code. It is a win - win situation. Underneath I have also included links that will help you build your own business.


We are given opportunities, a worldwide reach. We can post content for free and on top of that earn from it in many ways. Building a business that can turn out to be your source of income requires commitment and time. A plan written on a piece of paper will remind you of your goals, and your mind will find a way to achieve them. Creativity is what develops the most. In the adventure of creating content, every day is exciting because the goal is creation itself.

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