My movie experience

24 May 2023

Sharing my favourite movie with you was a true pleasure. KGF chapters 1 and 2 are my favourite movie titles. In my entire life, I have never seen a movie like this. This movie's first chapter is released in theatres when I am a 12th-grader still in school. Despite being a southern film, I really like this one. My friend informed me of a movie called KGF chapter 1 that was released during the time I was studying. I believe it to be a typical movie like others. But my friend went to the theatre to watch the film. Then he informs me that this is the greatest movie ever made. He coerced me into seeing the movie's trailer on the platform, as well. He exerts greater pressure on me now that I'm getting set to watch the movie's trailer. I viewed the movie trailer before realising there was something unique about this film, and I then prepared to see it in a theatre. I most likely wouldn't go to a theatre to see a movie. I watched a lot of movies, either on my phone, laptop, or television.

Due to the worldwide or in India movie frenzy, my friend who has already seen this movie is eager to watch it again with me. We decided on the college holiday day and purchased the tickets as soon as possible online. Day was approaching, and we were eager to go, especially me since he had already seen a movie. The day arrives, and we depart to see the film. When I first walked into the theatre, I noticed how popular the film This is Fantastic in Worlds was, which just increased my excitement for watching. I started watching the movie and finished it, but I didn't think about or remember anything that had happened in my life while I was watching it. We both took several images during the movie's interval break, which we posted on social media. The most recent trends in our world are those. After the brakes, the movie began, and we sat through it. In this film, Rocky Bhai is the lead role. He is performing admirably. His acting was outstanding. I really enjoyed his approach in that movie. He plays a great character in that film. Each character is behaving well and doing a great job. I really don't see the movie like this at the end of that movie, and that realisation made me love the movie even more. It also made this movie my favourite. Chapter 2 was still to come, which increased our anticipation. We thought the movie was amazing and really enjoyed it. The film has concluded, and we are leaving the theatre after finishing chapter 2. At that moment, I was pondering whether or not Rocky Bhai would survive the events in the following chapter. Can he actually hit the monarch? I have a lot of questions, and the solutions are in the next section. My favourite movie was this one. I made the decision to watch the movie when the second part was released, and I made a plan to get tickets for the following instalment on the day the second chapter was released. I feel terrific and incredibly good after viewing this film. This is why I consider it to be the best movie ever made. that year, the number of movies collected is high. He shatters all previous marks set by past films. This year is a great year for this movie.

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