Versatile Ventures in Videogames, Volunteering, Validity, & VeeFriends

15 Jul 2022

On Tuesday, the Euro reached parity with the U.S. Dollar for the first time in 20 years. At the time of publication, late Thursday afternoon, Bitcoin stood at USD 20,274.90, up 4%; Ethereum was at USD 34.69, up almost 6%; Solana rose to USD 34.69, up 4.56%; and Dogecoin was at USD 0.0610, up 2.27%.         

A Web3-focused gaming firm, UnCaged Studios, has raised $24 million in a Series A equity fundraising round to support the expansion of the cryptocurrency gaming market. The funds will be used to build the infrastructure for Web3 games, as well as to continue developing the play-to-earn soccer game, MonkeyLeague.

Just a few days after terminating hundreds of employees, including its chief financial officer, GameStop opened its NFT marketplace on Monday. According to Forbes, the CEO stated that the adjustments were made in an effort to develop "new solutions that empower clients inside the digital asset and Web3 gaming industries." By Tuesday afternoon, the volume of Gamestop NFT had topped 1,028 ETH and had reached $1 million in its first day.

In a Series A round headed by Paradigm, Hang, a Web3-powered platform linking companies with users, reported raising $16 million on Thursday. Program managers can add benefits and incentives, set up membership regulations, and link third-party services using the Hang platform. NFTs are used by the membership programs to reward and benefit clients.

The Sandbox Metaverse will soon host an interactive social and gaming event with a Playboy theme. A MetaMansion, modeled after the Playboy Mansion owned by the magazine business in Los Angeles, will be located in Playboy Land. The Sandbox plans to construct the largest virtual skatepark in the Metaverse, in addition to throwing parties at the MetaMansion. The creation of Tony Hawk Land will be done in cooperation with Tom Brady's NFT marketplace, Autograph, and the project's namesake.

The largest Solana NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, has introduced a new venture capital fund, concentrating on developing both its own games and assets in Web3 games. It will function as the company's internal gaming subsidiary, Eden Games, and will be known as Magic Ventures. Web3 gaming ventures have recently experienced significant market traction, thanks to the introduction of innovative uses of real-world user engagement and blockchain technologies, rather than by directly competing with established gaming studios to release advanced games. Magic Ventures will be considering video games that exhibit the capacity for providing distinctive gaming experiences, being both engaging and streamlined.

Ventures in global Web3 projects are gaining momentum as governments and multinational corporations try to enter the expanding market. The Spanish government declared it will provide grants and assistance, totaling 4 million Euros, for projects pertaining to the Metaverse. The biggest bank in Spain, Santander Bank, is also a co-host of a global blockchain competition for scaleups and startups. Deutsche Telekom, a German-based telecom firm, is backing an NFT social media campaign to encourage volunteering. In order to be eligible for funding from the largest telecom company in Europe, the initiative, dubbed WhatWeValue, wants student volunteers throughout Europe to assist existing groups by initiating activism and community outreach projects. The digital community at Telekom will offer additional support, and award selected projects with a "Value NFT." In the Asian market, customer documents and warranties were digitized by Han Sung Motor, a South Korean automotive company, and issued as NFTs. Pictures, videos, and texts in the metadata will attest to the ownership of used cars bought from the dealer.

International crypto companies, like Binance, must be governed by global laws in order to "keep markets clean," according to a statement made on Thursday by the British Financial Conduct Authority. The majority of the world's cryptocurrency companies are unregulated, but several nations demand proof that they have effective safeguards in place to thwart money laundering. After rejecting applications from a large number of organizations, the regulator has come under fire from the cryptocurrency industry.

During its next five-year plan, Shanghai, the largest city in China, officially plans to promote the growth of innovations like the blockchain, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), the Metaverse, and Web3. The proposal calls for aiding businesses that "study and promote the digitization of NFTs and other assets," as well as those intending to build NFT trading platforms. The blockchain is covered in its own section. There is also room for Metaverse goals, which include intentions to hasten the development of the platform for communication between the real world and the virtual one. The importance of modern digital entertainment consumption, including watching sports and concerts virtually, is emphasized in the plan.

NFTs are alive and well, says Gary Vaynerchuk. They are simply relaxing, but will quickly resurface. Following VeeCon 2022, Vaynerchuk made a bold prediction: the biggest technical advance the world has yet to witness will include decentralized blockchain technologies like NFTs. NFTs have been branded as scams and speculative assets by major news organizations as a result of their value falling over the past month. However, Vaynerchuck shared, "NFTs are really fun for collectability and art, but they are a tiny part of the consumer blockchain…eventually, we will all interact with NFTs because they will be our airline tickets, membership cards, and more." Inevitably, NFTs will shift from unstable novelties to basic services used in all electronic operations. "Right now, we're using plastic QR codes and email confirmation codes for many things that the blockchain will replace because it's better technology, and that will just take some time," said Vaynerchuk.

Consider the nonprofit industry. It has the potential to undergo a transformation, thanks to blockchain technologies, by generating a dependable source of income. According to Vaynerchuk, "We'll be able to auction off NFTs, and then that art, as it sells in perpetuity, will earn royalty payments that will go back to the charity." Essentially , a museum of art may sell an NFT of one of its paintings and generate a steady income stream for years as a result of only one deal. “Such openness and steady compensation are simply unavailable now. It is inconceivable that there won't be any organizations with an integrated NFT infrastructure in 15 years," he asserted. Vaynerchuk suggested the reason why NFTs are valuable is because they make it possible to clearly and openly communicate ownership. Although the future is never clear, Gary Vaynerchuk's dedication to improving his community has never been in doubt. When NFT holders invest in VeeFriends, they are, in part, investing in Gary as a business icon and cultural figure.

Similarly, when buyers of Lazy 8ight Yachts Club’s (L8YC) completely traversable, 3D mega yacht NFTs, mint their artwork, they are investing in the L8YC community, and all of the perks that membership brings with it. Lazy 8ight members receive access to exclusive perks and discounts to luxury hospitality services, including steeply discounted (up to 80%!) yacht chartering services at over 500 locations around the globe. Furthermore, Lazy 8ight community members not only benefit via discounts on luxury services, but from passive rewards, too. The world’s first yacht chartering service on the blockchain set sail on June 11th, 2022, with an unprecedented 50% of profits being distributed to L8YC NFT holders.

Because of their ties with businesses in the real world, L8YC is able to offer its members considerable savings on its tailored events. The luxury hospitality and NFT company organizes events for NFT communities, Web2 companies, influencers, and individuals, worldwide. Each event is personalized to meet the specific needs of L8YC clients, whether through its 5 Star Michelin rated catering services, yacht and villa events, helicopter tours, security services, or celebrity appearances. Until now, yachting has only been accessible to an elite few. With a L8YC membership, their 8,888 holders can enjoy exclusive discounts to the world’s most luxurious style of vacationing.

Be sure to visit Lazy 8ight Yacht Club on their website at for minting information and available luxury services, or on social media via Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Medium, and LinkedIn.



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