5 Feb 2023

Just another poem by your little boy Nelson Joshua


From dusk to dawn I'm on

Holding something or lighting something

I'm a treasure of two worlds

Call me holy or brand me worry

A Silhouette pleasure

Now I go to there and I come to here

On the fence but I'm trying My best

To be what you want in a world of division and discrimination

That's why to some I'm a pleasure and to others an abomination

Branded with scarlet 'A' in blood

But My sins not you to judge

For I leave it on for the Master who knows

Yet condemned I see you the same

My accuser doing the same

i try to do what is and yet i do what isn't

i struggle trying to do what will be smiled on

yet my past continually pursues my future

and the condemnation continually pours on me

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