24h Newsletter Friday - January 6 🔥🔥

6 Jan 2023

Sorry guys for not posting news updates for a little while now but I'm back fully, let's dive in.

📰 20:30 tonight, Non Farm report will be published, unemployment data directly affects the decision of the Fed

📰 Cash flow into Crypto funds in 2022 will decrease by 95% compared to 2021

📰 Genesis lays off the second round of 20% more employees, DCG closes its HQ subsidiary with $3.5 billion in assets

📰 Crypto Silvergate Bank Stock Drops Nearly 50% As FUD Gets Involved In FTX And Shrinks Operations

HT – Huobi exchange token fell 12% after a series of FUD about employee layoffs, internal conflicts caused Pionex to withdraw money from the exchange

📰 Bybit's user base increased by 104% since last year, with over 10 million users in 160 countries

📰 DEX Trader Joe and NFT Joepegs expand to BNB Chain

📰 Aptos Msafe multisig wallet raised 5M$ in seed round led by Jump Crypto

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