SonicSVM Airdrop: The first game public chain SonicSVM points airdrop tutorial on SOL!!!

12 Apr 2024

SonicSVM Airdrop: The first game public chain SonicSVM points airdrop tutorial on SOL!!!

SonicSVM project introduction

Sonic, the first public game chain on Solana launched by Web3 game development platform Mirror World, proposes HyperGrid, the first expansion architecture on Solana, which uses the security of the Solana main network to improve the scalability of the Solana main network and help game developers Efficiently handle and manage game state and events. Sonic is 100% compatible with all EVM smart contracts and provides a native game engine.

Financing background and partners

Mirror World, the game development parent platform that launched the Sonic public chain, is participated by Alchemy Ventures, Avocado DAO, Infinity Ventures Crypto, LD Capital, Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, OKX Ventures, Mirana Venture and other well-known institutions. It recently completed a multi-million dollar Pre- -Series A financing.

The Sonic testnet for the airdrop event is expected to go online in April, and the Sonic Odyssey points reward program will be opened to early participants. The return rate of SOLANA's project is quite impressive, so the next step is Sonic's airdrop tutorial. It only takes 10 minutes to order a number and consumes 2-5U of interaction costs to obtain potentially good profits.

1/ To access products before Sonic testnet goes live, go to World Store,Click on the wallet link in the upper right corner
2/Complete the Swap task and get points as rewards. Choose any public chain for Swap (recommend the USDT-USDC trading pair of the BSC chain). Swap 100 U can complete the task, and the wear cost is about $1 (if conditions permit, you can swap more amounts to be safer. )

3/ Without exiting the swap interface, continue to click [Points] in the upper right corner to complete community tasks such as Twitter/Discord and continue to receive point rewards.

4/ Successfully complete Zealy and Galxe tasks. The more you Swap on the World Store, the more points you get. All points in this link will be converted into Sonic points. Zealy and Galxe will also be rewarded with extra points.
Galxe :

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