Please support my work about cryptocurrencies and Africa

15 May 2024

Hey fellow Bulbers :)

One of my plans this year is to write a paper or long article about cryptocurrencies and Africa. This is important because Africa is a place where there is more optimism and positive development for social, economic, and tech progress.

At the moment, I am applying for grants and support via the Cardano Foundation system called Project Catalyst. I would be thankful if you could support me, and I can at least do the following for you:

  • Mention your name in the final document
  • I will keep you updated about the process
  • Read and comment on your posts

It is a very easy process to support my work:

Note that there is an 18-hour deadline starting today.

For more info, you can also reach me via or via Telegram (Lauvlad89)

Thanks :)

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