Pain all over the finger

22 Oct 2022

For many days no one knew happiness,
That's why they didn't send even a finger!
is called A woman in our palace, 'Bhavjayin
They complained that they did not even give me a token
to do Now even ten hands of sarees are not enough
What was the woman going to do with the botbhar Chi Ndhi? like that
We think
The meaning is that the word 'Botbhar' Used in the sense of very small, insignificant; But
How the pain in my 'finger' surprised me
This is a 'handful' story.
While crushing some hard jaggery sticks (and
While chatting here and there) one
The wound was located on the vermis of the right finger. That wound
The deep knowledge that 'Varmi' sat down became a pillow. wound
I put my finger in my mouth with the pain of sitting; But you
Right hand finger without mediation
How did it hurt?' by others
Ash Charya put his fingers in his mouth. later
Expenditure on finger for three months,
Hurts due to time, idle talk
Fingers of the hand should be applied to the forehead
The time came upon me.
In the beginning, the boat was stuck
When I started, I felt like a night
Remembered, 'Malam Mali A, Kam Pe
Come on. I put ointment on the finger; But
They did not even turn to work.
Bet that I ignored the finger
He must have been angry, so he accepted Stiff as a man. Now the 'tatha' of this island finger
Should be reduced, therefore the support of the stick to the sinker
I decided to act accordingly. Ah, I mean with hot water
Shekun had seen it! But hey! will break but not bend,
He showed such a Marathi arrow! Shi Wai huffed in anger
It became swollen. And hey, it's been a boat! That too
Telmaish to try to smile a little at the situation
did But 'Wo tus se mus nahin hua.'
At the end, he said, 'Stop this noise, add the doctor's phone'
Taking my niece's advice seriously, I called the doctor
done 'How will you know if you check?' he asked
done Then reached the hospital. It's crowded there. someone's
Legs in plaster, some with hunches, some with hands
Necks (ie hands around one's neck)
After seeing each person in such a supernatural state
There was a lump in the stomach. I don't want to run away from here
was Now there are many in that 'arrow' finger of ours
There was pain from the arrow penetration. So the doctor
It was inevitable to meet. Isn't the bone broken? Such
I was afraid.
Then just check that little finger. Q
That the doctor would smile after Ran took photos etc
He said, 'Nothing. don't be afraid Even plaster
don't want Just want to do the strapping.' said the doctor.
Talking made the mind very light. Stress on the mind
landed; But in a short time, the delusion disappeared. That
In a type called strapping, it is a single finger around
Both fingers are stretched and tied, upper arms are also tied
trapped So heavy handed and wallet light
He returned home with a heavy heart.
Now literally hands tied. Therefore
Leave work and sit at home. Just you
'Left and Right' should not be considered as anything, says Sujna Vs Char He started working with his left hand; But this left hand
In the case of work, do not hesitate. vs steps,
Catching, stirring, sewing, writing nothing goes well.
Finally, I had to keep silent while rubbing my hands. Because of the key
And since I don't want to twist my fingers, I'm just yours
To worry Five-six types during the day
The doctor also gave me pills to take. now
These pills that have gone into the stomach should heal the finger or the stomach
How should this be understood? That's mine
Childbirth is doubtful; But she
V does not dare to forage. So collect the waste
By doing (because seeing the price of the pills, they lost it).
(Was) the pills were licked.
The fingers were just tightly wrapped, but 'wrapping g'
Leaving such a simple word, why the heavy word 'strapping'?
It is used by doctors. Even when wearing strapping
Not everything went smoothly immediately. A little more
Ball bounce and ball turning exercises
Sangi Tala I ignored thinking that it was a game for children
If done, as a reason for not turning the boat in the next visit
The doctor put his finger on this avoided exercise. then
what Like twisting balls, making tight balls of paper
Exercise begins. Went to work after leave; But because of the finger
A lot of work!
Gradually the pain of the elephant's footsteps
Ant's steps began to heal; But still me
(in the name of anyone) can't break fingers. anger
Even if it comes, Twesh can't turn his tight fist. boat
Keep showing your hand. We have Prabhate
Why should the custom of naming the tax have fallen
Misunderstood and now also the importance of fingers

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