How to join the Crema Finance IDO

28 Jun 2022

Crema Finance which is a powerful concentrated liquidity protocol on Solana has been able to achieve a whole lot of milestones over the past months. 

Their TVL is $14.37 with a CTV of $1,25B+, that's the power of the concentrated liquidity market marker. 

Also, Crema Finance has partnered with some of the big boys on Solana such as Jupiter Finance, Marinade Finance etc and a large community.

About IDO

The Crema Finance IDO which will hold on their Dapp will be a Mango-Style IDO. For those of you who don't know what a Mango-Style IDO is, here's how it is done:

A fixed amount of $CRM will be supplied in a pool, and users will be allowed to deposit some usdc. The final IDO price will be determined by the usdc supply in the pool at the end of the IDO.

At the end of the IDO, 0.5% of the total supply will be distributed while 0.5% will be used as the initial liquidity pair of the trading pool, with the total supply being 1B $CRM

For more information about the IDO, visit-

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I did join the CREMA Ido, but I feel it was done in a way as to make them not loose any funds. So Crema has been stingy and they have been hoarding funds
Great project
you provided good information to us
Great story i like it