Doctor Strange: Origin, Power and Weakness.

21 Jun 2022

Doctot strange is well known character in marvel comics due to his ability and skills. He was firstly a real medical doctor and used to enjoy life by riding and parties. One Day, he got serious accident and was almost lame but someone told that it can be treated easily by mystic arts. First, he denied it but then he saw one of his friends who actually been cured so ,hwent to Kamar Taj of Nepal. There he met Ancient One and learn everythings from her and later after her death, he become the leader there as he was quite good at stduy and training boths.
During this time, doctor strange has learn alots of things. He has eye of Agamotto through which he can see future and controls time. He can control mirror dimension. He has power to separate body and soul using Astral punch. He used Astral punch to spiderman once. He can manipulat things and with his magic he can transforms anythings. With this powers, he gives a undefeatble tackle with Thanos. With his control over time , he created the time loop and defeats the Dormamu once. 
With all this powers Doctor strange has one weakness that he can do literally nothings if someone by anyways caught his hands or tied it with. Because with his hand action only he can uses his magic not only by his mind. We have seen Spiderman and Thanos son destroying Doctor strange. Since , In Marvel Cinematic Universe is about the level of Multiverse , he is one of the leading role for bringing heroes and searching new places and so on.

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