Take control of the day

10 Jan 2023

Birds and plants abound in the shadowed forests.

The sun easily penetrates the clouds.

Even though there may be night, the day will still be dominated by light.

There wouldn't be light without the night.

The evening follows the day.

To be brave, one must first feel fear, but one must also keep in mind that there is always a way.

Without suffering, happiness is impossible.

After the rain, there is a rainbow.

No time is ever too late to change lanes.

Where does your heart lie, you could ask?

Nothing can be found unless it has been lost.

Beautiful things cost a lot of money.

The frost arrives before the sunny weather does.

Work is done before play.

Trouble envelops the storm's eye.

There are warm and chilly places in the world.

Wonderful occasions can take many different forms.

What do your feelings tell you?

Your thoughts are both your worst adversary and closest ally. Despite what you may believe, you are not alone. We have all fought our own battles.

Know that everything will be fine.

The most stunning eyes have the most tears in them.

The most fearless heroes have had the most apprehension.

The persistent ones have come very close, but they've all still succeeded.

But despite everything, you and the rest of us were still able to rule the day.

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