Hell's gate

11 Jun 2023

The sign ought to have said, "Welcome to Hell, Reaching your destination-all in your head!"Calling all passengers on the train going to Nowhere Fast,"The memories you make last a lifetime.
You wish to purchase a ticket. What does it cost, you inquire?
Just get on board; once you're smashed, we'll speak.
Think of a grand scene while closing your eyes.
Do not peek! Now, believe me and extend your hand to me!
to a watery beach where the sun is blazing.
Lean in! No beach here; you are confined to hell.
Obviously, there is water. However, it's for your spoon and rig.
Don't worry, little girl; 14 years old isn't that far away.
Although the males won't hurt you, you'll be irreparably damaged.
It's a relief when you do pass out and don't recall.

Embarrassed to face Mom! I must have that Coca-Cola!
A girl with dreams lost all hope when she started daily marijuana use.
As you throw your life into the wind, I am amused by you.
Too far gone; we're the only ones left.
When you lose your pride, I'll be there.
I'm by your side when you lose sight of your morals.
To get that fix, you'll steal and commit fraud.
refuses to take the infant to the doctor despite her illness.
Getting a pill is undoubtedly number one on the list.
Oops. Baby missed yet another appointment.
Because Mommy keeps using drugs, Nanny buys diapers.
The kids cry when Daddy slaps Mommy.

After years of this joy, the kids were duped, and now Mommy is an addict who is quickly turning bad.
You'll end up in jail and still be a drug addict.
As you participate in the game, your heart grows icy.
Do not let the opportunity to violate your dignity pass.
This elderly man wants you to dry his tears and give him a price. long-forgotten regard for oneself
For an Oxycontin, you would sell your soul to the devil.
I told you, daughter, that you already know where you're going!
The phrase "Welcome to Hell!" Next up... So, she's gone.
I promised you that I would see this through to the conclusion.
You exchanged your hopes and children, your addiction, your lif
e, and your devoted friend for me.

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