Web 3 job opportunities

2 Nov 2022

Web3 is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. This insane growth has opened up opportunities for individuals to take advantage of with the skills they possess. For example any normal graphics designer, blog content writer, developer can hone their skills to incline towards the web3 ecosystem and take advantage of the opportunities it presents on a daily basis. People are making money from these jobs for doing things as little as making memes. So what skill can you learn that can help you get jobs in the web3 ecosystem:
- UI/UX (Product design).
- Project/Product management.
- Writing ( Mostly Crypto related topics).
- Community management.
- Front end development.
- Backend development.
Where can you find these jobs?
You can find them in Twitter using hashtags like #cryptojobs and #web3jobs, linkedin and on online platforms like www.web3jobs.com. When looking for these jobs choose one niche and try your every best to excel in that niche. You could choose to be a designer, writer, developer etc, that's if you don't have any of these skill already. Happy Job hunting.

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