How did scabies come from? 6 factors

24 Feb 2023

Scabies refers to contagious skin diseases caused by scabies mites infecting the epidermal layer of the skin. In daily life, people can often be heard of scabies. Scabies is not a very serious disease, but it spreads very quickly and has a great impact on the body.

Most scabies can be transmitted to yourself by contact with people or things, so you need to be vigilant. So what is scabies all about? Caused by the following reasons:

1. Trauma infection

Sometimes accidentally scratching the skin can also induce scabies. For example, when the skin barrier is damaged, the papilloma virus will adhere to it. After a period of time, it slowly lurks into the body to multiply and spread, thereby attacking the immune system, causing people to get sick Therefore, if you accidentally fall or knock, you need to disinfect it in time, and don't give the virus the chance to be infected.

2. Sexual confusion

If you do not pay attention to hygiene during sexual intercourse, you will greatly increase the chance of contracting scabies. Because the disease is almost always caused by sexual intercourse, it spreads very quickly and the infection rate is high. It usually begins to develop after three weeks of infection. Therefore, let yourself develop good sex habits.

3. Public places

Adults are also prone to scabies when they take a bath in a public bathroom or swim in a public swimming pool, because many people in public places are in direct skin contact.

4. Infection of pregnant women to fetuses

There are some cases of scabies on a newborn baby, which was uploaded to him from the mother. Because pregnant women with scabies also have viruses in the genital system. During childbirth, the fetus will become infected, causing scabies. Therefore, if some pregnant women determine that they have scabies before giving birth, they need to be treated in time to prevent any impact on the health of the fetus.

5. Smoking and drinking

There are many causes of scabies, among which smoking and drinking are the most common factors. Because the immunity of people who smoke and drink for a long time is very poor, this will allow the scabies virus to take advantage of it, greatly increasing the probability of contracting scabies. According to a statistical survey, people who have smoked for more than ten years are more likely to get scabies than normal people by several times. And it will easily relapse after being cured.

6. Indirect clothing infection

Scabies can also be indirectly transmitted by the patient's clothing. Sharing clothes with others, because acne mites can attach to people's clothes. Therefore, in daily life, everyone should pay attention to the hygiene level of personal products.

In addition, if someone already has scabies, pay special attention to diet.

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