Summer vacations and Home revelry.

12 Jun 2024

People always plan vacations on different occasions like summer , winter , Christmas, Eid to go around, divert the daily routine, forget the daily panics and stay some time in calm, peaceful and relaxing environment. That is world's trend and people according to their budget travel and enjoy.

In my part currently summer on peak and educational institutes are closed on summer vacations for two months. So it is best time for families to move around and met friends, relatives and colleagues. Another tradition with us is , our married sisters, especially which are living in other cities and abroad, came to parent's home to see parents and family because normally they live busy in their homes.

The role of elder brother goes further more important in family when parents passed away. When there is no parents around then elder brother play role like shinnery tree to welcome them and not to feel any lacking or missing of parents. Exactly I have same situation right now in my family.

My two of four sisters are here with me living in same city and their 5 most naughtiest kids also with them. I can't write any article on specific subject due to their presence and noise all the day and also I want to enjoy with them by playing games, trying recipes, fun on different questions and their eating habits.Home has been decorated with laughs, giggles, tickles and innocent smiles like angles are streaming, queens in castle.

The other two also arrived last night from other cities with kids and My home becomes a zoo style area where some monkey jumping on double bed and some rats cultivating the carpet. Some queens planning to made new recipes like Gulab Jaman , Fruit cake and Russian Salad and others are thinking about meat dishes for Eid.
I have my animal ( a goat) to slaughter at Eid which is round the corner at Monday, 17th June.

Right after the Eid festival we have plan to go pattan Minara, a historical place near to our city which has 5000 years old history and have roots in Hakara civilization. Then some Mango party, Swimming pool junction and reptile show are in pipeline too. The true spirit of family love, care and Joy is around where everyone is happy especially kids which were so eager to come that they start preparations earlier.

I personally went out for vacations in summer when parents were alive but now I prefer to go in December end on annual vacation for a week only due to short time off .

I am enjoying my vacations by hosting my beloved ones and Hope you too enjoying your vacations as well. Such hosting gives love , strong bonds in relationships and good introduction to each other. We feel sweet memories in our minds whole year and wait for another to come.( Inshallah).

Note: The article also published on my wall.
Lead image: Pixabay

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